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How to: Healthy Hair for the Summer

Updated on June 18, 2012

Hours at the beach, swimming pools, and the hot summer sun all take a toll on your hair. For many girls, this means dry, damaged long before summer ends. With this how to, healthy hair throughout the summer is a sure thing.

  • Shampoo your scalp and that’s it. This helps remove any excess sweat and oil in your scalp without drying out your locks. You can try a good moisturizing conditioner for your ends to keep them moist and prevent breakage. If you suffer from really tangled hair, you may want to try conditioning your entire head before shampooing.
  • Use sunscreen. You can use the sun screen you use for your body or you can opt for a hair product that has an SPF of 15 or higher. The scalp is very sensitive and can burn with prolonged exposure to the sun, especially if you have fine or light colored hair. Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Sunshine Shield Spray works wonders on all hair types.
  • Apply a deep conditioning hair mask weekly and use a silk scarf around your hair. This keeps all the essential nutrients in the mask in your hair without transferring - something you can’t get from a towel which will end up soaking up the conditioner before it has a chance to really work on your hair.
  • Invest in a good chlorine-removing shampoo if you plan on hitting the swimming pool. Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three not only removes the chlorine, but also removes impurities in the hair, making it a great everyday shampoo for people who have hard water.
  • Don’t brush wet hair and don’t put wet hair in a ponytail. Brushes add stress to your strands and make them more likely to break. Instead, gently pat as much of the excess water as you can and use a wide tooth comb. Do two cute braids with small hair bands at the end as this will prevent major breakage compared to a ponytail. You can also do a cute chignon and use large hair pins so you won’t have to use any hair ties at all.
  • Use dryer sheets during the day to help tame flyaways and add shine. This at-home trick really works wonders! You can help tame frizz at night by running a dehumidifier on those hot, humid summer nights.
  • Soak your hair before jumping in the ocean or a pool. Hair can soak up only so much water, so by pre-soaking, you minimize the amount of chlorine-filled or salt-laden water your hair absorbs.
  • See your stylist at least twice during the summer to trim split ends. If you have dyed hair, use that time to also ask about some great color-saving products to use this summer.


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    • ThisisShe profile image

      ThisisShe 5 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by! I have curly mixed race hair, so it dries pretty fast which is good. I also try to plan ahead so that I don't need to do that right away, but I know it's not always possible. Just patting your hair as dry as possible with your towel helps a lot, but you really have to really get in there and make sure the hairs in middle of your head can dry as well, because that is what really slows it down.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I need to be more patient and not brush my hair when it is wet. I did purchase a detangling comb and will hide the brush in another room than the bathroom. Maybe that will help. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.