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How to Keep Breath Fresh?

Updated on November 2, 2011

How to keep Breath Fresh?

After one night's sleep, most of the people have heavy bad breath in the morning. The smell of it not only makes you feel bad but also affects the mood of a coming day. It is embarrasing to be detected by other people. Is there any way to remove the annoying bad breath?

Speaking of bad breath, everyone knows it because everyone has it. We experience it light or strong, short or long, one time or another in our lives. We are bothered by the bad smell of it through the mouth of someone in the office or troubled by your own bad breath. How to avoid the embarrasement of opening your mouth? It is really important to find a way to keep breath fresh.

It is suggested that above 90% of the bad breath comes from oral cavity, there are few people who go to the dentist immediately once having bad breath. In fact, the bad breath has close relations with the coating on the tongue.

The degree of bad breath has something to do with the thickness and the area of the coating, that is to say, the more coating, the more bad breath. So coating is one of the sources of bad breath. Research further suggest that removing the coating of tongue can eliminate the bad smell by 36.7% to 75%, so brushing tongue is an effective method of removing bad breath.

how to keep breath fresh

how to keep breath fresh
how to keep breath fresh

Saliva, food and tongue coating

Even if you are going through prefessional periodontal treatment, you cannot ignore the effect of brushing tongue. It is not only a cure but also a prevention. We'd better keep brushing our tongue everyday to keep the coating clean.

It is noted that we should brush it lightly, the over brushing could hurt taste buds. You can pick prefessional tongue brush or some brushes with prefessionally designed tongue brush on the back.

Oil is sticky and greasy in our mind and the salt itself is a preservative, it is for preserving food. Eating light is the nature of human, eating less oil and salt means you are eating fresh food, it is good for digestion and cleaning. When you feel cool, your breath should feel light.

Among many factors leading to bad breath, the one we ignore most is saliva. More or less Saliva can all lead to bad breath, less saliva cannot have enough cleansing power so it diminishes the self cleansing ability, it is like using not enough water to wash dishes. In the night, the secretion of saliva slows down so most of the people feel heavy bad breath. Some disease contribute to the heaviness and the amount of saliva. For example, a disease called siogren’s syndrome, the obvious symptom of it is the decreasing of the amount of saliva. So these patients can easily get bad breath. The easiest method is to drink more water and increase saliva, not making it sticky or we can use man-made saliva to lubricate our mouth.

We cannot ignore the saliva change caused by the disease. We should take care of both cause and effect of it. Experiments corroborated that after blue-ray treatment, the bateria and bad breath level in saliva decreases. In the near future, blue-ray could become a new treatment for bad breath. Let’s looking forward to it.

Final tip: eat food contains less MSG and spice, it is hard to absorb so it contributes to the odour.


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