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How to Keep Your Hands from Touching Your Face

Updated on December 25, 2012

Not In The Face!

There are many reasons to stop your hands from loitering around your face, but there is also a compelling argument to be made regarding developing a long-term hand-face-free routine. Not only can skin conditions such as acne suffer as a consequence of face-touching, but it is also easier to carry harmful germs towards to easiest way into the body -- the mouth.

Whatever your motivation to may be to keep your hands from touching your face, whether it be strictly health related or a question of aesthetics (acne anyone?), I will do my best to address both in turn -- without resorting to extreme or bizarre measures (a poignant example is pictured to the right).

That's one way of doing it!
That's one way of doing it! | Source

Tips, Tricks And Tactics

From the obvious to the creative, this section is my quick run-down of band-aid solutions that you can employ right now to get immediate results. For those more interested in long-term planning, please check-out the section below this one.

  • Wear thin gloves - Ideally, you'll want to wear gloves while you work on breaking the habit. There are a number of very thin and transparent gloves available at large retail stores that you can use during the summer.
  • Get an anti-stress gadget - The main point of equipping yourself with a squeezable hand-gadget is that it keeps your hands busy (and relieves a little stress). If an anti-stress ball isn't your thing, try and pick a hobby that keeps your hands busy.
  • Tally your progress - Those doh moments when you realize you've inadvertently touched your face can bring you down and make you wonder if you're making any progress at all. Keeping a log of how many times you catch yourself touching your face can not only remind you that you are -- in fact -- making progress, but it also helps you become more conscious about the behaviour itself.
  • Ask your friends and family to help - Nobody is going to be looking at your square in the face as much as your close friends and relatives, which makes it far easy for them to spot and break face-touching patterns than it is for us.
  • Carrot and the stick - A proven way to forcibly make the brain realize that touching the face is a no-no, is by putting a rubber band around your wrist and letting it rip every-time you catch yourself touching your face. This is a great way of training the subconscious by letting the mind equate this behaviour with a painful reaction. Further reinforce positive behaviours by rewarding yourself (if you're concerned about acne, be careful what you eat!).

Long Term Solutions

Reigning-in the habit, and curbing the effects of skin conditions such as acne may find their roots in seemingly unrelated areas. One such area is stress.

Rehearsing simple stress management techniques such as deep-breathing, singing, exercise or giving your pillow the beating of its life are ways to gradually improving your chances at beating the odds.

Beating the habit in the long-term can also greatly be aided by becoming progressively more consciously of it. Due to the fact you are reading this article I am going to assume you've already decided to make it a priority. But your subconscious mind might not be aware of your mission.

There are many creative ways to begin to train your mind into recognizing and then discarding the habit. In closing, here are some creative ideas you can employ to rapidly and painlessly brain-train.

  • If you're female, try using colourful nail varnish to constantly remind you of your goals. If you're a guy, well, it will serve as an even more efficient reminder -- but it may give rise to another set of issues!
  • Write something witty on your hands, and tally your mistakes on your palm.
  • Cover your hands in moisturiser, preferably as foul smelling as possible.


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