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How to Look Fantastic Without Anything Good to Wear

Updated on July 31, 2014
Looking good means you will feel great!
Looking good means you will feel great!

Hair and Halfway There!

Having your hair done is already a great step to looking good!

Once you have your hair done it makes you feel confident and beautiful already and you don't have to go to a salon to do it either.

If you have curly hair try to straighten it with a straightening iron and if you have straight hair go for the curly look with a curling tong.

Short hair can be lengthened by buying a cheap extension which you can find almost anywhere these days for next to nothing.

Get a couple of magazines or go online to see what the latest trends are or to see what style you would like to try out.

Looking good means changing it up a little and taking a chance on something new so that you can feel different and look amazing!

Colouring your hair is another way of changing your look and colours can also be found for really cheap without doing damage to your hair. Henna has no harmful chemicals in it and can be found almost anywhere.

Make sure you play around with styles that suit you and haircolours that you would enjoy but remember not to do anything too drastic the first time around because the point is to make you feel good and once your hair is done you are halfway there!

know what colours will suit your complexion
know what colours will suit your complexion

Make - up Makeover

By doing your make- up differently you are also changing your look and this will be noticed by the people that know you. Again don't go doing anything drastic and take the time to look at the latest trends to blend in with your own personal style before you plaster on make- up that will make you uncomfortable.

You need to feel good about yourself and this is one of the steps to looking fantastic.

Eye colour trends change all the time and if you don't feel up to trying metallic shades than stick with what you are comfortable with but be adventureous.

If you have always done your make- up in a certain way then now is the time to alter a few little things to make you look brand new!

Eyeliner has so many different options and should you be the person that has always lined the inside of your eyes then why not try a liquid liner that goes on the outer edge of your lid instead. If red lipstick has been your trademark colour than go to a pastel shade or find one that suits you.

Blush is great but don't get stuck into the habbit of routine make- up. If pink has been your choice for years then go for a bronze or peach colour just to make that slight little change. It will definitely look different and make- up can change your look completely.

Nail colour can also make you feel good
Nail colour can also make you feel good

Nails and Hand Care

Having great nails is a blessing and if you don't have the luxury of being able to grow your own than you can get false ones that are disposable and there is no need to go to a nail bar to have your nails destroyed by heavy glues.

Nail polish is also great to use and most of us have enjoyed buying the same usual colours which we have never been able to part with but now is the time to make a fresh start.

If dark colours and reds are your favourite then take a look at the latest trends and try something new. There are so many to choose from; metallic, matte, pastels and so many others that would look great on you and remember that changing your usual colour will get you noticed without having anything new to wear.

Soak up the Rays and get a Bright Smile.

Sunshine is not something we are all lucky to have all year round and that is where self- tan comes in. It is also so much healthier to do rather than get effecte by the real rays of the sun.

This can also make a huge difference to your look and it will give you a nice healthy glow.

There are many brands to choose from but when choosing a self tan it is very important no to get one that makes you look yellow and to ensure that you do not go to the extreme!

Find the right shade for you so that you do not go from pale skin to dark suddenly as this will make you look a little fake. Keep it natural and just remember it is just for the glow.

Another way to change it up is to keep your teeth white and bright. This makes you look younger and healthy especially with the new tan.

There are many brands of whitener to select but ensure that it is one that is known as many of them can destroy your teeth.

Get some sparkle
Get some sparkle
Bedazzle your shoes!
Bedazzle your shoes!

Slim Down!

Don't worry there is no diet plan here but how you dress could make you look younger, older, slimmer or fatter depending on what you choose to be.

If you are short and fat then avoid wearing long skirts with oversized shirts or sweaters because although you think it hides the fat, it actually makes you look bigger and if you are young then stick with being young and throw out the "granny panties."

Fat and short - wear leggings and a top that fits you. Don't have it too big and avoid fitting into a tight outfit as this is a no -no. Be who you are and just dress accordingly.

Leggings give you length if you wear a top that does not hang to the ground so ensure that it is a reasonable length just enough to cover the parts you don't want to see. Keep the length of your tops to medium thigh and never go longer!

Don't wear horizontal stripes stick to vertical and find patterns that go into the waist area in order to give you a slimmed down look.

Avoid wearing mini skirts if you have big legs as this will be emphasized by the skirt length. Wear a knee high skirt and make sure that you wear a bright top or belt to take the emphasis off of the leg area.

Women who are skinny must also remember to emphasize the good parts by using colour, accessories and shoes.

Take a look at what you are wearing and if it is a long skirt with a long top than you are definitely going to make yourself look older and fatter. If you are not sure of what style to choose than go online to have a look at what not to do!

Fashion, Footwear and Feeling Fantastic!

Now that you have a tan, your teeth are a little brighter and you have changed your hairstyle, you already look fantastic so no matter what you wear, you know that you are looking good and feeling fantastic!

Clothing is the next step and all it takes is mixing and matching things that you already own to blend in with the trends today.

Studs have made a come back and most of you probably already own the stud gun so use it! If you don't own one than getting studs to bedazzle an old sweater that you haven't worn for years will make it look like a brand new outfit.

Jeans that have faded and been stuck in your cupboard can now be sprused up by a simple little beadwork or motife which you can buy in your local sewing store and it doesn't cost much.

Take a look at the fashions now and I will bet that you have an outfit in your cupboard that hasn't been worn since the 80"s and you will find that it is back in fashion now.

A simple dress can be changed by adding a belt or accessories and if you usually wear it with a specific jacket than change the look by adding a different one.

Try to be adventureous by mixing different tops with different skirts, change your colour scheme and if you have an old skirt that you are sick of then alter it, cut it into a mini or add something to it. Bedazzle, motifes and belts!

Shoes are also something that most of us have not been able to get rid of so take a look at what you have and see if you can give them a fresh look with beads, crystals or even a new colour of material.

The art of looking good with nothing to wear is to change the styles that you already own.... the simplicity of "mix 'n match."

Don't just do your own thing because it could end up looking like a home-made outfit which is not the look you are going for so be adventureous and brave but don't go crazy!

Stick with the trends that you see and just add a personal touch to what you already have.

Mix your outfits, wear a belt, get some accessories and you will look fantastic!

Leggings can be dressed up or down
Leggings can be dressed up or down
Jeggings look casual or smart
Jeggings look casual or smart

The Art of Fantastic!

Looking fantastic without anything good to wear means taking care of your image by doing your hair a different way, changing your make- up, getting a tan and mixing your clothing around.

The art of looking fantastic is just that.... an art. Always change it up by trying new colours, styles and keep yourself updated with the latest trends so that you don't look like you are stuck in an era by yourself.

Having nothing good to wear means that you need to re-invent your make - up, hairstyle and wardrobe carefully in order to look good and keep feeling great!

Have fun with new styles, try different colours and mix, blend and change old outfits.


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