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How to Look Hot for Your Night Out

Updated on October 4, 2014
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

How to look hot for your night our
How to look hot for your night our

Time to do your hair, nails, make- up and yes ladies... get those heels on!

Dress to make him drool and dream of you by looking hot and ensuring a call for a second date!

Here are a few tips on how to look hot for your night out.

When your hair looks good, you feel good
When your hair looks good, you feel good
Good hair makes you feel fantastic
Good hair makes you feel fantastic
Hair serums can save a bad hair day
Hair serums can save a bad hair day

Hair and Styling

Don't go doing something outrageous and now is not the time to try something new and inventive. Find a style that will suit you and that you will be comfortable with. If you are going to a hairdresser than avoid cuts and styles that you are not prepared for and don't cut a fringe now because you might not like it and that will destroy your night out. Do something new on a day where you are not going out.

Don't wear your hair up in a bun and if you have short hair avoid gel overkill!

Get a look that is as natural as possible and if you have curly hair than accentuate it rather than try to hide it. You can always try something new for the next date.

A sexy style for long hair is loose and well styled. If you have frizzy hair than make sure that if you are straightening it that you get a silicone on it to avoid the "frizz return" halfway through your date!

If you are doing your hair at home, give yourself enough time.

Put the serum in your hair if you are wanting to use a curling or straightening iron. For long lasting curls, add the serum after you have curled it too. Not too much because you do not want your hair to look oily.

Straightening your hair is great but try not to flatten it too much. Take the top layer of your hair and iron it upwards in order to give it some bounce.

To get the "just washed and dried" look straighten your hair and then with the straightener take strands and curl them downwards to give it a natural bounce. For this look you will have to use good old fashioned hairspray.

Make - up

Don't go and experiment because if it comes out wrong you will end up looking like a clown rather than a sexy goddess.

Stick to what you know and don't overdo the make- up. Use colours that compliment your skin tone and if you are not too sure than go to a comsetics counter and ask them to give you a make- over.

Keep it naturally sexy and if you are wanting to accentuate your lips than avoid loud eye make- up.

If you have nice eyes than compliment them by avoiding a bright lipstick.


If you don't have Brooke Shileds eyebrows than don't try to pencil them in! Take a brush and lightly go over your brows without making them look like you have painted them on.

If you have a monobrow than wax it a few days before or you will have a lovely red spot on your date!

Don't over pluck your brows and keep them as natural as possible.


If you have big eyes than you can place the liner in your eye or out and it can go from the one end to the other.

If you have small eyes than avoid putting liner in your eye and line it on the lid from the end to half way. Don't line it from end to end as this will make them look even smaller. A liquid liner is great for an evening out just don't make it too thick.


Brown eyes can be greatly accentuated with blues and greens. Blue or green eyes should use browns and darkish colours to accentuate the colour.

A good basic make- up tip is to shade the outer lid in halfway with a dark colour. The other half can be a gold or silver or whatever colour would suit your eyes.


A good foundation should be a match to your complexion. Don't go and get a dark if you are light and light if you are dark. A matt finish is always a good call and it should be light and fluffy so that you don't end up sweating through it. Avoid plastering it on and keep it natural so that it looks like you have flawless skin.


Try to avoid dark gothic colours! Summer colours are great for a date and depending on what you are doing with your eyes,(if your eyes are accentuated than the lip colour will be light)

Red lipstick is always a hit but don't overdo it and put a gloss over it to avoid it looking cheap.

If you are dark skinned than colours like gold, pinks, cherry and even dark will look good on you and if you are very pale stick to lightish colours.


Don't go using bright pink and red! Those days are gone and all you want to do is accentuate your cheek bones. Take the brush and line it from the tip of your nose to the top of your ear and that is where the blush goes. Keep it bronze or a pale pink just to highlight the bones and give you a bit of a sparkle.


If you have small eyes than put some extra mascara on the ends of your eyes and try to get a volume lifting mascara. Try to avoid putting too much on so that it doesn't look clumpy or showgirly.

Avoid fluffy, silver or gold lashes and if you need extensions than get them done by a professional so that you are not worrying about falling lashes while you smile!


If you have long nails accentuate them but if they are short keep them short and put on a polish that is not too obvious. Again false nails should be done by a professional so that you can avoid embaressing moments!

Make sure that you do not have cracked polish on and if you do remove it and put on a fresh colour. Toes should match the fingers.

Compliment your outfit with the nail polish and if you are wearing pink than don't wear red polish.

Look hot for your night out!
Look hot for your night out!
Great tips can be found on the internet
Great tips can be found on the internet


Get something that accentuates every curve on your body and if you have good legs than flaunt them!

Stay away from drabby colours and avoid polonecks, lomg skirts and frills. The object is to look sexy but not slutty!

If you have big boobs than wear a top or a dress that shows off your cleavage and a small waist should be accentuated with a tight fighting number.

If you are not sure of where you are going and what the dress code is go for a little black or red number!

Avoid browns, grey, orange and silver. Go for red, black, dark pink and if you have a tan white is sexy!


Get ready to wear heels but ones that you can walk in. You don't want to fall over your feet and make a spectacle of yourself.

Avoid pumps and slip on's and get a heel that accentuates your outfit. Red dress, red shoes, black dress, black shoes and find a sexy pair that will accentuate your calf muscles.


Go for bold but don't over do it! Less is more and just wear a simple necklace and a matching pair of earings. If you are wearing bangles or a bracelet keep them from climbing your arm! (eighties no, no!)


Match up with your shoes and keep it simple. Make sure that you have lipstick and touch up make- up in your purse. Don't go for shiny bags and ensure that it is not an old lady handbag.


You look sexy and feel great! Keep a smile on you at all times and walk in like you own the room!

Don't giggle excessively and make eye contact. Open your mouth when you talk and show that you are confident and in control.

When you order do not be afraid to eat as this is a natural thing to do and you will not be judged by your ordering. Chew with your mouth closed and don't eat like a pig but other than that enjoy every bite and just have fun!!!!

Don't talk about yourself too much, your ex and don't get drunk!

Once the date is finished leave him in anticipation for another one!

That means keep it friendly and walk away, leaving him wanting more.


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