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Megan Fox's Makeup and How to Look Like Megan Fox

Updated on August 17, 2015
Megan Fox's Makeup and How to Look Like Megan Fox
Megan Fox's Makeup and How to Look Like Megan Fox | Source

We all have favorite celebrities whose looks we'd like to copy from time to time.

Here is Megan Fox's makeup and how to look like her with tips on cosmetics use and facial features; body size and stats, including Megan Fox's measurements; and pointers on how to get hair that is as healthy and beautiful as hers.

Body Size and Stats

Height and Weight

If you want to have a body like Megan's, you'll have to work for it. While the average American woman approximates Megan's height, which is 5'4", you might have a harder time getting down to her body weight, which is 112 pounds.

Measurements and Dress Size

Megan Fox's measurements are 33-22-32. This translates to a dress size 0. If you are small-boned this is attainable, but it is still might be a big challenge

Makeup and Facial Features

One of the easiest ways to look like Megan Fox is through cosmetic tips and tricks.

  • Eye Makeup: Always wear a thin layer of black eyeliner around your entire lid, and elongate your lashes with lash-separating black mascara. Megan often wears light brown or pink eyeshadows.
  • Eye Color: Megan has beautiful blue eyes. If you have naturally dark eyes, try Freshlook Colors in Blue, from a line of contacts designed specifically for dark eyes.
  • Eyebrows: Clean up the stray hairs around your brows with wax. You also want your brows to be wide and slightly full. The peak arch of the brow should align above the center of the eye. Fill your brows in with dark brown to black pencil if they aren't full enough.
  • Lips: For daytime, try shades of pink, and for a vampy look for the evening, go for maroon.
  • Nose: Megan has a thin nose. To make your nose look a little slimmer, apply pressed powder that is one to two shades darker than your skin color, to both sides of the bridge of your nose.
  • Skin: Stop going to the tanning salon. Except for swimsuit shots, Megan goes for the peaches and cream look.

Megan Fox's measurements, dress size, height, and weight.
Megan Fox's measurements, dress size, height, and weight. | Source

Hairstyle, Color, and Hair Health

You can't look like Megan Fox without the flowing mane, so try the following:

  • Hairstyle: Grow your hair long, at least past your shoulders. Wear your hair straight and slightly layered. On simple days, go for a long ponytail. On dressed up nights, let your hair down.
  • Hair Color: Megan's hair is between a very dark brown and a soft black. On some people black hair looks too strong. If you don't believe black will be flattering on you, try dying it a dark brown color.
  • Hair Health: Megan's hair is very healthy and shiny. To get hair like hers, do regular deep conditioning treatments. Also try applying Paul Mitchell Smoothing Gloss Drops on dry, styled hair to give it a beautiful sheen.

Megan Fox's Style


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