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How to Look Like Rihanna

Updated on May 10, 2015
How to Look Like Rihanna. Sexy Legs.
How to Look Like Rihanna. Sexy Legs. | Source

If you are like millions of other pop music lovers around the world, you are a fan of the beautiful Rihanna. This hub will show you how to look like Rihanna, from her hairstyles, to her shape, to her lovely eyes.

Makeup tips to adopt Rihanna's beauty routine will complete this effect for you.

Vary Your Hairstyle Often

Although Rihanna rose to popularity wearing cropped black hair, she has been seen in every color, length, and style since. One of the most flattering looks on her has been the sandy blonde, full, wavy haircut seen below.

The easiest way to get her hair like Rihanna's is to keep your natural hair very short, and then purchase wigs or extensions as you feel the desire to change your style.

Show off Your Sexy, Womanly Legs

Thankfully, Rihanna is a healthy-looking size that women can relate to or realistically strive to be. Rihanna's is 140 lbs. You can see that her legs are shapely, sexy, and full, especially in the photo above.

To have legs like Rihanna's, emphasize strength training in your exercise routine. Squats and lunges will make your thighs look firm and shapely, and your short-shorts and mini skirts will look all the better on you.

Rihanna in Black and White Dress
Rihanna in Black and White Dress | Source

Have a Funky Sense of Style

Many people in the performing arts have a unique style that separates them from the pack. Rihanna is no different. She can often be seen combining clothing patterns, shapes, and colors that most of us wouldn't think of putting together.

Her black and white dress above, for example, has elements of modern and traditional styling at the same time. It has an odd tulip shape above the waist, and a 50s-style full skirt with a formal train below the waist.

To get Rihanna's style, don't be afraid to be different. Shop at thrift stores and look for offbeat finds like combining blazers, short-shorts, and heels, like she did for her What's My Name video.

Rihanna: What's My Name

How to Look Like Rihanna. Rihanna Height and Weight.
How to Look Like Rihanna. Rihanna Height and Weight. | Source

Look Tall

One of the easiest ways to learn how to look like Rihanna is to add some height! Rihanna is not only 5'8" tall, but she can usually be seen wearing heels, sometimes three-inch stilettos. This makes her look almost 6 ft. high. Whether you are petite, average, or more, wearing heels will give you Rihanna's tall look. Standing up straight also makes you look taller, and it's good for you!

Rihanna in Big Hoop Earrings
Rihanna in Big Hoop Earrings | Source

Get Green Eye Contacts

Rihanna's eyes are simply mesmerizing. Depending upon how the light hits hits face, they vary from hazel to green. Both Freshlook and Acuvue have hazel and green colors that will suit your Rihanna-inspired look. You can also get colored contacts without a prescription.


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