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How to Look Like Taylor Swift

Updated on August 27, 2016
How to Look Like Taylor Swift
How to Look Like Taylor Swift | Source

Country star Taylor Swift has won the hearts of music fans everywhere, but there is more of her to love than just her music. She is also incredibly beautiful. In this hub we will show you how to look like Taylor Swift, from her hair color to her clothes.

Go Blonde

Like most natural blondes, Taylor Swift's roots are slightly darker than the hair towards her ends. The sun naturally bleaches everyone's hair, and if you are blonde this is usually more noticeable.

If you want to get Taylor Swift's natural hair color, you can dye your hair ash blonde using Clairol Nice 'n Easy 102, Natural Light Ash Blonde. If you want to dye your hair the color she has all over her head you can try Nice ' Easy 102G, Natural Light Golden Blonde.

Have Curly Hair

While there are a lot of Hollywood women always straightening their hair, most often Taylor Swift can be seen rocking her natural curls. If you have naturally straight hair, you can try setting your hair in small rollers. You can also use a curling iron to achieve Taylor Swift-style curls. If you want to maintain the look longer-term you can get a perm from a salon professional.

Taylor Swift and Her Feminine Body Language
Taylor Swift and Her Feminine Body Language | Source

Be Feminine

Taylor Swift has very feminine body language and mannerisms, and you can imitate these gestures yourself if already don't naturally do them. In the picture above you can see many examples of her femininity:

  • Her head is tilted slightly to the side, a gesture that shows social interest, and most often done by females.
  • Her arms are tightly against the sides of her body, showing that she is prim and proper.
  • Her hands are in her lap, over her lady parts (a signal of demureness).
  • Her legs are tightly together at the knees and crossed at the ankles, a gesture of being proper and ladylike.

How to Look Like Taylor Swift
How to Look Like Taylor Swift | Source

Wear Frilly Dresses

I can hardly wait until I see Taylor Swift come out on an awards show or red carpet event because I just love to see how she will dress. I hardly ever see her wear shorts or pants. It's usually an eye-popping number that shows off her graceful form.

In the picture above you can see her white dress has pearls along the top and is long and flowing on the bottom. To look like Taylor Swift, wear dresses that have ruffles, taffeta, or lace -- even if you only get to dress like this once or twice a year!

Size 2 Taylor Swift in Red Dress.
Size 2 Taylor Swift in Red Dress. | Source

Be Very Tall and Very Skinny

When Swift first came onto the scene, no one knew just how tall she was, as she was often seen on camera from the waist up as she performed.

This is often done with singers because audience members like to look at the face of the performer as they sing.

But Taylor Swift has the height, weight, and dress size of a model. She is 5'11" tall, 130 lbs., and is a dress size 2. This is due to genetics as being tall and thin reputedly runs in her family.

While not everyone can or should be a size 2, if you would like to look like her, strive to be your healthiest, slimmest size. Stay active and watch your caloric intake.

In addition, don those stiletto heels. Taylor often wears high heels herself and easily reaches 6'2" when she does it!


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  • Pop Culture World profile image

    Pop Culture World 5 years ago from United States

    Hahaha, Carol. You are fine the way you are. Thanks for your comment and the vote.

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

    To look like Taylor Swift I would have to grow many inches, be a lot younger, have long hair and lose weight. If I got skinny my face wouldn't look too good. However I guess we will all have to be satisfied as is. However this was a fun read..and I am voting up.