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How to Look Like a Model

Updated on November 4, 2015
How to Look Like a Model
How to Look Like a Model

Do you want to know how to look like a model everyday? This hub gives you a look at the ways you can enhance your image so you wlll look like a fashion or runway model.

We will go over the body size, facial features and makeup, hair, fashion, posture, gait, and awareness elements it takes to look like a model, as well as a book recommendation for making the most of your beauty from one of the world's foremost makeup artists.

Also, do not worry, you will not have to be stick thin.

Having the appearance of a model takes some discipline, but anyone can enhance their looks with these look like a model tips.

Crystal Renn, US size 8/10 model, 5'9.
Crystal Renn, US size 8/10 model, 5'9.
5'5 Petite Models, US size 0/2. How to look like a model.
5'5 Petite Models, US size 0/2. How to look like a model.

Body Size

Women in everyday life do not have to worry about being as skinny as fashion and runway models to actually look like a model.

The reason for this is that you will not be on a camera all the time (cameras make people look heavier). You simply want to appear to look more like a model to people you run into everyday. Here are some size guidelines for the layperson.


  • Ideally 5'7 or taller
  • If you are under 5'7, always wear heels to create a longer look.

Dress Size

  • If you are 5' to 5'3: up to US dress size 2
  • If you are 5'4 to 5'6: up to US dress size 4
  • If you are 5'7 to 5'9: up to US dress size 8.
  • If you are 5'9 to 6'2: up to a US dress size 10.
  • These higher dress size allowances for height are permitted because the taller you are, the thinner you will look in larger sizes compared to someone who is perhaps 6" shorter than you.


  • You do not want any part of your body to look more pronounced than the rest. For example, you do not want to have a large bust, a spare tire around the middle, or large rear or thighs. If you are a size 8, for example, you want to have measurements very close to the prescribed dress size measurements of 35 - 27 1/2 - 38 1/2.
  • Having a proportioned body creates a smoother, leaner appearance. If you notice models in fashon magazines, you will see that their look is leaner rather than having their rear or bust emphasized.

Elizabeth Hurley: Model with symmetrical facial features
Elizabeth Hurley: Model with symmetrical facial features
The perfect "barely there" makeup example. Sporting this kind of makeup will help you look like a model.
The perfect "barely there" makeup example. Sporting this kind of makeup will help you look like a model.

Facial Features and Makeup


In Making Faces, a classic beauty bible by master makeup artist Kevin Aucoin, you learn how to take care of your skin and highlight your best features. You also learn how to downplay features you do not like. Kevin Aucoin gives starter tips, for example:

  • Since very few people have near-perfect symmetry in their faces, you want to work on making your face balanced in its tones and blemish-free.
  • You can wear on casual days a very light layer of makeup that is neutral in its appearance -- a "barely there" makeup look. Wear concealer, foundation, a thin layer of eyeliner, one coat of mascara, and a neutral or slightly rosy lipc olor. This type of look makes your facial features stand out rather than your makeup, and this is exactly what you want.
  • Make sure your eyebrows are trimmed and clean.

Facial Features

You do not have to worry about the fact that models have near-perfect symmetry to their faces. You will be focusing on simply enhancing your facial features.

Near-perfect symmetry means that the features models have on their face are very close to equal on both sides and their forehead, nose, eye placement, and chin also fall into mathematical formulas for near-perfect measurements.

Most people do not consciously notice slight imperfections in symmetry in everyday life. Rather, it is something that is noticable when photographs are taken at many angles.

Advertisers and fashion houses want their models to show perfection so that their product image is enhanced.

The perfect ponytail can give you the look of a model.
The perfect ponytail can give you the look of a model.
Walk with confidence in your everyday life.
Walk with confidence in your everyday life.


Although runway and fashion models often display dramatic hairstyles while they are working, you do not want to replicate this. You want to look like a model as they do when they are not working. This way you look more natural and the look is easier to maintain.

  • Keep your hair clean and non-greasy.
  • If you dye it, do not let your natural roots show.
  • Straighten your hair if it is naturally wavy or curly.
  • Wear it down or pulled back into a ponytail, with all loose strands tamed.
  • If you have African descent, wearing a small Afro that is pulled away from your face in a headband or a puff is flattering as well.


  • Although you are naturally taller or will be taller with heels, standing up straight is very important. You will look longer, leaner, and more photogenic this way.
  • When you sit, make sure your back is straight as well.


  • When you are taller, you especially need to practice control of how your arms and legs appear when you walk. It is very easy to look awkward.
  • Practice a natural sway with your head up and your back straight. Your presence needs to portray confidence in your walk.


  • This is a big one. You need to have an awareness of how your facial features, body, and presence come off at all times.
  • Keep a hand mirror in front of you. When you are feeling sad, happy, angry, bored, etc., grab the mirror and see how your face looks. You will notice that some of your looks will make you appear beautiful and some you will want to change. It is difficult to gain control upon your facial features when natural emotions come over, but it will help perfect your image.
  • When people notice that your expressions portray confidence and beauty, you will feel and look like a model.


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