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How to Love Your Looks?

Updated on February 7, 2016
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She's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Smile, Style Your Hair, Dress to Kill and Pose for an Awesome Picture.
Smile, Style Your Hair, Dress to Kill and Pose for an Awesome Picture. | Source

Fall in Love with You!

Fall in love with you, when you take on your supple skin tone and flattering clothes, in addition to adoring your stance, for evermore. Taking extra care of your finger nails, hair and skin are paramount! So, is doing sit-ups to trim your waistline!

In truth, to love your look, you must sincerely love you! This goes without saying, because you must exercise to have a sculpt body, eat healthy food and stay clean to enjoy supple, bright skin, as well. Next, you should like the clothes you wear every day, and ensure they flatter you. When shopping for new clothes, it's a grand idea to try every outfit on before buying.

Wear Clothes You Love

Create a look you love by going shopping for fashionable clothes, and accessories that tickle your fancy. Get clothes that butter you up, and go with your unique shape. If you don't particularly like something about your stance, you can camouflage it with certain styles and dress models to accentuate other parts of your body, such as, your neck, or legs, for instance.

Get a Haircut

Besides, obtain the hair color hue and haircut you love at an upscale salon, if you want a change. You can get highlights that make you look fresh and upbeat as well. When you have a cool eye-catching haircut, you'll adore the way your hair soothes your face, and make you more attractive, instantly.

Learn to work with your hair gently, when it's curly, straight or wavy! Twisted hair tends normally to be dry; therefore, care for your hair with penetrating oil treatments, such as, coconut and olive oil, to give it a glossy sheen. You can curl or braid your hair to create varied looks that go with a trendy style for a day or two. If your hair is wavy, you must take extra care of your hair to fashion it in special ways, so it doesn't break. The longer your hair is, the easier it's to create amazing up-dos and styles.

Love Your Makeover, Even If It's Only for One Day!
Love Your Makeover, Even If It's Only for One Day! | Source

Pamper Yourself Every Day

Don't forget too, at times, to have a full-body massage to reduce built-up stress in your neck and shoulders. This'll make you feel like a million bucks for a week or more, for sure. A massage composed of mud and minerals will remove impurities from your skin, and cause your skin to glow. It will also remove toxic goo too.

A steam bath can do the trick and so will sweating in a sauna for ten minutes! The healthier you take care of you, the more you'll love your appearance, and fall in love with yourself more and more every day, naturally!

If You Have Lovely Hands and Feet, Show Them Off.

Your unique, no one is like you, nor ever had your stance! Celebrate your individuality and grand personality by feeling tremendous for your undertakings and fine physical features. If you believe, you have lovely hands and feet, show them off! Wear sandals and rings to accentuate your fingers and perfect fingernails. If your legs are shapely, wear classy skirts and dresses with or without tights or pantyhose, often. If your waist and legs are trim and fit, you can wear just about anything; since you are truly at your best.

If your legs, and waistline, don't please you, you can do certain exercises like sit-ups and strength training exercises, play sports or dance to sculpt them well. Either shave your legs and underarms for a smooth finish, or get your unwanted hair removed permanently by a doctor or use a laser to remove it gently.

Makeup does wonders for women! You can accentuate your eyes, cheeks and lips with minimal effort. Just make sure the makeup you wear flatters with your skin tone, and hair color. At times, match the clothes you love to wear with your makeup and nail color for an exotic look.

Look in the Mirror and Smile

Another point, it's great when you look at yourself in a mirror and smile. Feel good about yourself! It's also a fabulous idea to inscribe your feelings in a journal of some sort. Remember, to pat yourself on the back for the being you are, and for all you do.

Don't forget to reminisce the good times, too. You'll fall in love with you even more, every time you read your personal journal that's geared on purpose. Look in the mirror from time to time, to see how well you take care of yourself. I'm certain you'll be well pleased.

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    Adrian McDonald 4 years ago from Jamaica

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