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How to Maintain the Beauty of your Lips?

Updated on December 10, 2016

Lips are one of the most important parts of your face. In fact, your overall beauty highly depends on their color and softness. But with the advent of winter season, it becomes quite difficult to maintain their softness. If you face such problem, then do not worry. There is no need for using highly expensive cosmetic products. Indeed, you need to add basic stuff in your daily routine.

First Thing to do in the Morning


In the morning, when you brush your teeth, use your brush on lips as well, but with light hands. By this, if you have dead skin all over your lips, then it will be easily removed. This will also improve the blood regulation and make them look bright and pink.

Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly is a great product to make the lips beautiful. Massage your lips lightly with petroleum jelly and press them for at least 25 seconds. Doing this will moisturize your lips deeply and keep them protected from the dry air.

Moisturize your Lips


Before using lipstick, it is better to apply a coat of lip balm on your lips, which will provide moisture to them and also maintain the shine of lipstick for a longer time.

Do not Lick your Lips


Most of the people lick their lips to prevent them from getting dried. But, in reality, it can have a negative impact on the lips. The enzymes present in your saliva can make your lips drier and even cause itching in them.

Think Before Buying Lip Balm


Do not get infatuated with lip balm advertisements; instead go for that lip balm, which is quite effective in providing moisture to your lips. While buying lip balm, make sure that it has petroleum jelly, essential oil, glycerine and sunscreen as the part of its ingredients list. On the other hand, do not buy those lip balms that contain eucalyptus, methanol and camphor. These ingredients can make the lips drier.

Try These Options Also:

  1. For curing dry lips, you can also use warm ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil on them.
  2. Use the tea bag, dipped in boiled water, on your lips. Press your lips with it for at least 3 to 4 minutes. It will help to retain the moisture.
  3. You can also use cotton dipped in ghee (clarified butter), put it on your lips for at least 10 minutes.
  4. At night, before sleeping, do not forget to clearly remove the lipstick and after that, use either ghee (clarified butter) or coconut oil on them.

Lip care is the most important thing that every women think about, for sure. But, there are issues that sometimes, many of us forget about such as cracked heels, healthy diet and so on.

Additionally, maintaining our skin glow with the climate change is also a big challenge and requires lot of time, especially the occurrence of dryness on our skin is a great headache for all of us. As a working woman, it becomes quite tough to manage this all. But, if we keep in mind that why this problem is occurring and what is the right cream to get rid of the situation, it will become quite easy for us to get a glowing skin in every season.

Last, but not least, I must say that using home-made products is the best solution for our skin problems as they do not harm us in anyway.


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