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How to Make Angry Birds Costume

Updated on November 4, 2012

Any android, Iphone or Ipad owner must know the famous Angry Birds. Due to its popularity, even computer and laptops owners know Angry Birds as Google Chrome added it to their browser features. It is a game that has been the number paid application by Rovio Mobile. The game brought $5 million to Rovio in just a matter of months due to over 250 downloads from all types of platforms. The highly addictive game for Iphone, Ipad, Android and Google users continually raises its phenomena as it hits top charts on iTunes to date.

The Game

The game makes the player use a slingshot that will launch birds at pigs that are stationery on the other side. Angry Birds can be addictive due to the cuteness of the characters, the catchy sound effects, and its low price. After hours of playing, numerous levels to surpass, and accurate precision and logic to hit the target, many people found themselves highly addicted to Angry Birds.

It was just last year that toys and merchandises based on the characters of the game has been available in the market. With the success of Rovio Mobile with Angry Birds, it is no wonder they are planning on making the hit game a movie. The storyline will include the background of this games’ environmental theme which will feature the birds and pigs.

But after the success of Angry Birds character toys, late last year, many people made their own handmade Angry Birds Costumes to show how they are big fans of the Angry Birds game during the Halloween season. But then costumes are not just for Halloween. Definitely, kids and kids at heart will like to dress up like the cute Angry Birds characters they are so fond of. Think about an Angry Birds birthday party for a family or a friend.

Choose from these characters - Red, Yellow or Black Angry Birds and/or Green King Pig. Here follows the steps in making your ownAngry Birds Costume.

Materials Needed For Angry Birds Costume

  • 4 yards fabric – red, yellow, green and/or black
  • 4 yards cotton muslin sheets, or any material alike
  • Felt, 8 x 11 yards in size
  • Stuffing material – any stuffing material that is used for pillows
  • Scissors
  • Needle / Sewing Machine
  • Thread – same colors with fabric
  • Glue gun/fabric glue
  • Drawing materials for the Angry Birds face to be drawn on felt
  • A copy or picture of the character from Angry Birds that you would like to make

The Basics

Go to any fabric or craft store and look for the right kind of fabric. It is advisable to make use of a stretchy and fuzzy textile. It can be any material that is used up to make a snuggie blankets or the likes.

Buy 4 yards to make one costume. This may depend on the size of the person who will wear. It can cost around 4 bucks, so technically you wouldn’t mind if the cloth exceeds, or something.

Also buy 4 yards of a muslin fabric in white. Find the cheapest kind available. Alternatively, a sheet can also be used. This will be for the lining inside.

Also make sure you purchase felt which is about 8 by 11 inches in size. Pick colors like red, green, yellow and white.

The Procedure in Making the Angry Birds Costume

  1. Fold the fabric in half. With a freehand shape a bird as you cut it while it is folded. This makes 2 identical pieces of shaped fabric. This will be for the front and for the back part.
  2. Do the same thing for the cotton muslin sheets.
  3. Sew each side of the muslin sheet’s edges and enclose them together. Make sure you leave enough open part to insert the stuffing.
  4. On the attached part of the muslin, cut a whole. This part is for the face of the person to wear to be visible. For a tip, trace a cereal bowl to guide you on where to cut. This helps you make sure that you cut the whole that is smaller than the face.
  5. Sew the sides of the face whole to attach the fabric and muslin sheet.
  6. Place on the sides two slits for the arms. Approximately 7 to 8 inches for each arm should be cut. Likewise, stitch them to attach the fabric and muslin sheet.
  7. Stuff the front part of the costume with pillow stuffing material until it becomes padded or plumped enough. Leave the back part as is. Stitch together to close the openings.
  8. Use felt to make the Angry Birds costume face. Choose from yellow, red, and black angry birds and also green king pig. Use glue gun to place it in the front, or you can use fabric glue if you like.

Pre-Made Angry Birds Costumes

Rovio have officially released Angry Birds costume that has their license that can be available online, but on a pre-order basis via Costume Express. They have foam overalls or 2-piece designs that have pillow packets for extra stuffing. The Angry Birds costume that are available for kids and adults are made of polyester and they also come in different designs and colors.

Other items to check out also are Angry Birds Hats, Masks and many more. If you do not want the entire Angry Birds costume, you can pick out a hat or mask. The Angry Birds masks are big, foam-stuffed and appliqué face. It has Velcro at the back to properly fit and snug the head. They also assure comfort, suitable fit and facial alignment.

Other unofficial sellers of Angry Birds costumes and merchandise are also available all over the internet. Among the available Angry Birds costumes on the internet I found are from Ebay and Mahalo. These pre-made Angry Birds costumes can cost up to $49.99 - $69.

Be an Angry Bird or a King Pig

But definitely, if you want to make your own to save and customize it the way you want it to be – go get your hands dirty and make your own handmade Angry Birds costume.

Look At These Real Angry Birds

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