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How to Make Carrot Infused Oil

Updated on February 9, 2017


Carrot oil is very high in vitamin E which is great for skin. I like using the oil in my hair/skin products. Sometimes I can't always find carrot oil at the store. The only choice I have is to order it online.

I just recently tried a out an new way to make carrot infused oil. This is so easy to do at home and you only need 2 ingredients.


  • 2 cups Shredded Carrot
  • 1 and 1/2 cups Any carrier oil


  1. Shred carrots until you have at least 2 cups full
  2. Place the carrots in the crock pot.
  3. Pour the oil in the crock and stir it around so all the carrots are soaked.
  4. Cook the carrots on low for 8-24 hours.
  5. When the carrot shreds are brown/black, your carrot oil is READY.
  6. Use a cheese cloth to strain any impurities.

Carrot oil can be hard to find so making this awesome recipe at home can save you a disappointing trip to the grocery store.

Feel free to try it out then comment below if it worked for you. :)


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