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How to Make Flower Hair Clips Using Fake Flowers, Beads, and Feathers

Updated on March 19, 2011

Once you find the fake flower you wish to use, take it apart, completely removing the center of the flower, the backing, and its stem.

Next, choose the bead you want for the center and a smaller bead to go with it.

Also, choose some kind of material you are going to sew everything onto. I use felt and sometimes use small pieces of ribbon. You'll need two pieces, each about and inch wide and half an inch long. If you use ribbon, be sure to burn the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Take a needle and thread and start sewing up through the middle of one of your material pieces, then through each of your flower petal layers, then through your large bead, then through your small bead.

Next, go back through each one (except your small bead) in reverse.  End with tying off your thread.

Choose the feathers you wish to add and glue them underneath your last flower petal layer.

Next, take your other piece of material and sew on your hair clip.  Glue for added strength.

Now, glue each of your pieces together (your flower and your clip).  Glue underneath the flower at different places to give extra strength as well.  And you're finished with that!


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