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How to Make Flax Seed Natural Hair Gel

Updated on December 13, 2011
Flaxseed Natural Hair Gel
Flaxseed Natural Hair Gel | Source

People are seeking natural products to replace manufactured products that contain toxins and otherwise harmful additives.

The search for non-toxic products extends to cosmetics, and consumers have gained a wealth of knowledge about natural hair and skin care options.

When it comes to hair care, we know that healthy hair demands moisture. We also know that alcohol is a drying agent, and dryness is equal to death to fragile strands of hair.

One of the main ingredients in most over-the-counter hair gels is alcohol, so, the goal has been to find a healthy alternative to damaging, mass produced hair gel. Take heart, - mission accomplished! Flaxseeds are the perfect source for natural, holding gel.

Flaxseeds contain a wealth of soluble fiber. When you boil the seeds, the soluble fiber dissolves in the water.

The end-result is a somewhat slimy, gelatinous goo - no, it does not sound pleasant, but the gooey resin left behind from boiling the flaxseeds in water is what makes the perfect natural hair gel.

There are a few other natural additives and certain steps you need to take in order to give the mixture the right consistency. Follow the steps below to master the recipe:

Natural Hair Gel Ingredients

  • ΒΌ cup Whole Flaxseeds
  • Essential Oils: Chamomile Oil, Bay Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 cups Water
  • Mesh Vegetable Strainer or Cheesecloth
  • Tupperware Container
  • Wooden Spoon

Alternative Flaxseed Natural Hair Gel Recipe


  1. Pour the water into a pot
  2. Add the flaxseeds
  3. Turn up the stove, bring the seeds and water to a slow boil
  4. Constantly stir the combination in order to keep the flaxseeds from sticking to the sides and bottom of the pot.
  5. Continue to stir, you will notice the water will begin to congeal, and a skin will form on the surface.
  6. Strain the flaxseeds over the Tupperware container when the mixture is still somewhat watery (not too thick, not too thin).
  7. Squeeze the congealed liquid through the strainer with the wooden spoon as the mixture cools and begins to thicken.
  8. Add a few drops of essential oils into the mixture - they promote hair growth, moisturization, circulation, and they add a pleasant scent to your hair gel.
  9. Vigorously stir the mixture for a few seconds - you should now have a firm, gelatinous substance by now.
  10. Transfer your hair gel into an airtight container, and refrigerate. You can keep your natural hair gel for up to three weeks - if you keep it any longer, it will become rancid.


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    • profile image

      Esabella 6 years ago

      I like it . I will try it.

    • chenderson00 profile image

      chenderson00 6 years ago from South Carolina

      Really great article! I should try this out. My hair is so fried and dyed, it would do some good. I hate hate hate hair gels that have so much alcohol and chemicals that dry out my hair. Voting up!