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How to Make the SPA Product - A Complete Guide

Updated on November 20, 2015

How to Make Homemade SPA Product

I can think of nothing more relaxing than a visit to a spa, being pampered and preened by someone else. With your body rested and rejuvenated you can feel fresh and ready to take on the world again. The whole experience can be very pricey though, which can pile the stress back on to that relaxed feeling you were experiencing moments before it came time to check out. So wouldn’t you like to know how to make the spa products in the comfort of your own home, for a fraction of the price?

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My perfect way to unwind from the stresses of my week is to take some time out for myself and have a home spa day. There are many products on the market that you can use that deciding which to use can be difficult in itself. Personally I prefer to go with natural scents and I have decided to make my own SPA product. It is such a lovely feeling being able to create the spa product in my own kitchen, and know exactly what has gone into them. It also works out a more affordable way of having such natural, luxury products too. So to learn how I create my perfect stress free day, read on, we are going to learn how to create natural SPA products, using your favorite textures and scents to rejuvenate your body and soul.

How to Make Your Own SPA Product

First we need to think about scents. What scents relax you and make you feel wonderful? Each person reading this will have a different scent in mind. It is important that you choose well to create a magical fragrance to unwind with. You may be thinking of coconut, vanilla or even coffee, for a lighter dreamy fragrance. Maybe you would prefer something heavier, I usually find these are better for use around my home, in oil burners or candles. For a spa day I prefer the more calming scents of basil, chamomile, lavender, orange, lemon or cypress. Fragrant oils and scents have been used for thousands of years as a way to heal body and soul. The connection between our sense of smell and the right scent can have wonderful healing properties.

For the best start to a spa day, use a deliciously scented body scrub to exfoliate away the week’s stress. After deciding on your perfect fragrance, follow the easy steps below to create your perfect body scrub.

Body Scrub

1. First you will need to find a storage container for your body scrub. This will need to be airtight and large enough to hold the amount you decide to make. I would recommend getting a nice decorative jar to put it in, which would look nice on display when not in use. Or if you prefer a plain reusable container would work just as well.

2. You will then need 1 cup of oil. The oil you use will depend again on preference. I particularly like Almond oil, but light Olive oil works just as well. Different oils produce different textures, and obviously scents. Try each on your skin first to see which you like best. When you have decided, pour your chosen oil into the container

3. Now you need to decide which kind of Body scrub you would like to make. You will need a substance with a porous texture to exfoliate your dead skin cells. There are a few different things you could use, such as sugar or salt. Generally you will need the same measure of dry ingredient as oil. For this recipe I will be using a cup of sugar. If you would your scrub to be drier, you can add more of the exfoliant. A wetter rub will need less. Again, experimentation helps you decide which works best for you.

4. On to the fragrance. At this point we add a few drops of your chosen scent. Essential oils work best, or you may choose to use a favorite perfume. If you want a citrus scent you can use fresh freshly squeezed juice. The choice is yours, whatever will relax you.

5. Now you are ready to take your scrub into the shower to exfoliate all your stresses away, before running a lovely hot bath for total relaxation.

Relaxing soak

A daily shower makes a wonderful invigorating start to the day but it is important not to let a weekly relaxation time get overlooked. Whether you are male or female, taking time to pamper yourself once a week is like a mini vacation for your mind. Life can get so busy and full that it is important for your mind, body and spirit to cast your worries and thoughts away, even for a short time. A home spa day is the perfect way to do this.

Bottom Line

I like to keep a selection of different scented scrubs to suit my changing moods. I keep some on the side of my bath, for use whenever I feel the need. Airtight containers work really well in the bathroom, but if you have used any perishable ingredients it may be wise to store yours in the fridge

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