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How to Make Winter Season More Fashionable?

Updated on January 21, 2017

For some people, with the advent of winter, it is hard to figure it out that how can they still look glamorous and sophisticated. As the temperature touches the lowest point, the amount of warm clothes to be worn increases substantially giving us a bulgy and not-so-glam look.

But as the fashion industry is progressing at a good pace, many fashion designers have launched great fashion line of winter wears. Most of these garments are made using pure wool knitted in a thin sheet of cloth that can give a slick look to anyone who wears it. Consequently, it has also reduced the possibilities of making a person look overweight during chilly winter climate.

Here are some more options (or you can say some suggestions) especially for an Indian woman to show off themselves even during winter season. Let us know about them:


Since wearing cardigan and sweatshirt have become obsolete, it is a good time to make some space in your wardrobe for something new. Poncho has become quite trendy for its availability in large variety, especially traditional and military styles are being preferred by most of the women.

In traditional version, you can look for Kashmiri and Rajasthani Ponchos. If you prefer to wear western dresses over the traditional ones, then wearing the plain solid color poncho is the best option to opt for.

Military Ponchos are comparatively longer in length and quite favorable if you live in a hilly area. They also give you a rough and tough look.

If you are confused on what to wear beneath, then go for a hi-neck top. It will give you a smart look, no matter what color of poncho you wear.

Woolen Dress
Woolen Dress | Source

Woolen Dress

Wool does not look good only with sweaters but making dress out of it also give an elegant look. One piece dress made from thin wool looks really adorable and warms the body during winter season. These dresses look perfect, especially with a cowl neck. Being a knee-length dress, you can wear them with warm stockings to complete the look. Available in party as well as casual looks, these dresses look quite fabulous with feather and leather boots.

On the other hand, even with some of these dresses, ponchos also give a great look. Add some more detail to your look of your choice and make a statement.

Woolen Scarf
Woolen Scarf | Source

Woolen Scarf

Five out of ten people rarely focus on styling their upper most look, but choosing the right kind of accessory can have a great impact on the overall appearance. Having said that wearing the right kind of scarf with the dress will not only enhance your look, but will also impact others’ mind set. Along with scarves, mufflers also look quite trendy and can be worn in various styles.

Off-Shoulder Woolen Top
Off-Shoulder Woolen Top

Off-Shoulder Woolen Top

Off-Shoulder tops give quite a hot look, which is also extremely necessary in a season like winter. I must say that wearing them with denims look very glamorous and sexy. Additionally, as per your interest, you can also wear them with skirts and stockings, which also look quite stylish.

During the extreme low temperature, try wearing them with a scarf or muffler. Not forget to mention that wearing a contrast color muffler will enhance your top look.

Woolen Jacket
Woolen Jacket | Source

Woolen Jacket

Jackets are the most common option, to wear, for every one during winter season, especially those made of leather. But, jackets made of wool are also quite trendy and look presentable even with a plain sweater and a jumper. If you prefer to wear either a loose or a zipped jacket, then go for it as both of them are equally fashionable. Moreover, jackets with hood are also liked by many people.



Tunic looks quite fashionable during summer season, with their availability in different colors and looks. With the launch of woolen tunics, people have found new way of making them look fashionable even during winter season.

Woolen tunics are a good alternative for providing warmth to the body during cold climate. You can wear them with the tight-fitting slacks; available in contrast colors with respect to the tunic. To make yourself more comfortable in winters, you can wear a scarf and cap with your dress.

Besides these, there are many more options available in the market. Cloths made of coarse wool are very much in trend and worth noticing for you, of course.


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