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How to Make Your Own Hair Clip with Flowers, Beads, and Feathers

Updated on November 23, 2010

So, you'd like to know how to make your own flower hair clip, right?  Well, there are many ways to do so.  This is how I make most of my flower hair clips....


Decide what flower and beads you will use.

My customer wanted two matching flower clips with red flowers for two of her young daughters to wear for their Christmas photos. So, I chose this large, red carnation. My customer planned to clip them to black headbands her daughters would be wearing so for each I chose a large bead for the center of my flower that would go nicely with a black headband and look Christmas-y at the same time.

Next, I took each flower apart, discarding the center pieces, using only the layers of flower petals.

After that, I took a small piece of black ribbon and burned the edges to prevent unraveling.

Shown below, I took a needle with black thread (knotted at the ends) and drove my needle up through the middle of the ribbon and then through each layer of flower petals.

Next, I drove my needle through my black and gold bead, then through the small red bead.

After that, I drove my needle back through everything EXCEPT my small red bead, and tied off my thread on the underside of my ribbon, and cut my needle loose.

And with that, I have the basics of my clip finished. Now to adding feathers!

I decide I am only going to add feathers to one side of my flower.  I bend my layers of petals back to see one end of my black ribbon, where I will glue my feathers.

Shown here, I cut just a few red feathers loose from this beautiful red plume!
Shown here, I cut just a few red feathers loose from this beautiful red plume!

Red and Black FEATHERS!

I decide to glue some wide, red feathers first....then some "skinny" red ones on top of that...and just a couple of skinny black ones!

Above, you can see the next two steps completed.

I first took another piece of black ribbon and singed the edges. Then, I took my needle and thread again and sewed a clip to the ribbon. With these kind of clips you can only sew (or glue) one end. If you glue the whole top of the clip, it will no longer work.

After that, glue the two pieces of ribbon together.

If you don't want to bother with hand stitching, I'm sure you can do everything by gluing. I prefer to do both, to ensure they last longer and so that beads don't later fall off.  

When I'm done, I turn the flower around and add just a drop of glue underneath my black and gold bead, just to give it some added security, as well as gluing the flower more securely to the ribbon pieces.

And voila!  There you have it.  A hand-made flower hair clip with feathers and beads!  

What a pretty flower hair accessory for two beautiful girls to wear for their Christmas pictures!

For this kind of hair clip I usually charge $ enough to be affordable to everyone, yet enough to keep my hobby funded...well, almost!

More Hand-Made Accessories

Want to find out how to make other hair accessories and fashion accessories?  Please look at my other hubs!  I'm "MyInfo411" and have written over 35 hubs, most of them fashion accessories.  Look around.  And I'd love to hear your comments!  

Until next time.....

Here are More Flower Hair Clips with Beads and Feathers That I Made Similarly


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