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How to Make Your Own Lady Gaga Sunglasses

Updated on June 19, 2013
Tv glasses
Tv glasses | Source

Gaga glasses

Lady Gaga is not only known for her music her style alone sets her apart from the crowd. Her loud outfits are usually paired with some pretty amazingly unique sunglasses. If you are dressing up as Gaga or are just a fan you have to try out these crazy shades. Bellow are three of her most popular shades and how to make them.

rhinestone glasses
rhinestone glasses | Source

Rhinestone glasses

Want some super cool rhinestone glasses just Lady Gagas? Learn how to make your very own in minutes. All together this should cost less than ten dollars.

What you will need

  • Clear crystals ( You can find these at Micheals and other craft stores)
  • One pair of all black sunglasses with large lenses (You can find these at just about any store)
  • A glue gun or some super glue

How to make them

It is so super easy! You take a glue gun or your super glue and start gluing on the stones. Cover the left lens completely. When you are done with that lens partially cover the left side of the right lens. Let them dry for a couple of hours. Now you should have some super stunner shades just like Lady Gaga.

Helpful video

TV glasses
TV glasses | Source

Video glasses

These glasses are a little more expensive than the others. This project can cost up to fifty dollars if you don't already have what you need.

What you will need

  • Two digital keychains
  • A Big bulky pair of sunglasses ( I used left over 3D glasses from the theater)
  • Hot Glue and gun
  • Wire cutters

How to make them

  • First take the digital keychains follow the instructions and down load the pictures onto them.
  • Remove the keychains from the digital device using the wire cutters.
  • Hot glue the the digital deices onto your glasses and let them dry.

These glasses will take a little more time and effort but they are so much fun.

Helpful video

Smoking shades
Smoking shades | Source

Cigarette glasses

These glasses are fun to make and don't take that much time or money to make.

What you will need

  • One pack of cigarettes (They can be the fake ones)
  • A pair of sunglasses with large lenses
  • A Black sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and gun

How to make them

  • Take the paper and cover the glasses with them
  • Cut your cigarettes (optional)
  • Use the glue gun to glue them onto the shades
  • Let them dry

Helpful video

Lady Gaga sunglasses
Lady Gaga sunglasses | Source

Some more ideas and inspiration

These are not the only wild Gaga glasses you can make there are many more. She is coming up with new looks and glasses almost everyday. Check out these two they are some of my favorites. You can even come up with your very own crazy shades.

Lady Gaga in purple sunglasses
Lady Gaga in purple sunglasses | Source

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    • Shiley profile image

      Karen Shiley 5 years ago from Washington

      I love this article. It makes me want to run out to the dollar store and buy some cheap sunglasses and glue something awesome to it. Skittles...Puff balls...feathers...This has slumber party project written all over it!