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How to Make a Custom Make-Up Palette

Updated on October 27, 2012

There are many options for customizable make-up palettes these days, from high end Unii palettes to do it yourselfers how do you know which to choose?


Zpalettes are probably the best known of customizable make-up palettes. Their website includes instructions on how to depot many different types of make-up with many different methods. They come in a variety of colors and a couple different size options.

Unii Palettes

Unii palettes rival Zpalettes and are almost as well known. Their website too hosts various ways of depotting your make-up. The Unii palette comes in six different colors with one size option. Its a good size to travel with or pop in your purse to take with you.

Stick With It Palette

One I didn't even know about until now is the Stick With It Palette. While the Zpalette and Unii palettes are both magnetized, the Stick With It Palette uses no magnets or adhesives to keep the contents in place. It has one size and one color option.

Make Your Own

When all else fails, do it yourself. Beauty fanatics have been making their own palettes since before Zpalette and Unii palettes came on the scene.

They are the most fully customizable option available and the most inexpensive as you can generally make one from items you already have. Check out the links for some ideas on how to make your own.


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