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How to Make a DNA necklace

Updated on January 21, 2010

Creating a DNA Necklace.

Making DNA necklaces is a fun way to create some unique jewelry with a family member or loved one. The DNA in these necklases is not viable for use in DNA tests once the collection process is complete. DNA cannot be seen with the naked eye unless a special combination of fatty acid and alcohol is applied, and once that is done the DNA is no longer useable for DNA testing, but still fun to look at.

Things you will need: 

12 to 18 inches of ribbon, leather or plether cords, or string.

a jewelry vial,

clear hand soap

clear gatoraid

rubbing alcohol

a tbsp measuring spoon

two small clear glass cups.

a toothpick, preferrably wooden.

and someone willing to give a cheek  swab of cells.

rubber gloves

a spoon.

If desired, beads, spacers, and a clasp.

Note : Some vials will require superglue  or aquarium sealant to remain sealed.


1. Take the vial and open it. Make sure it is clean inside. If there is any dust or dirt inside, fill it with rubbing alcohol, give it a shake, and empty it out to clean it.

2. Set it near-by for easy access. 

3. Put 3 tablespoons of clear hand soap into the first cup. 

4. Put 3 tablespoons of clear Gatoraide into the second cup.

5. Have the person whose DNA you wish to collect swish the Gatoraide in their mouth for at least 60 seconds. It is best if the person has not recently eaten or brushed their teeth. Have the person spit the Gatoraide back into the cup.

6. Put on the rubber gloves.

7. Take the cup containing the gatoraide spit and pour it in with the hand soap.

8. Stir this mixture slowly for 2 minutes, try to avoid making many bubbles.  

9. In the cup that previously contained the gatoraide spit, put in one to two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.

10. Carefully take the spoon and position it so it is just above or the tip is barely touching the surface of the soap/gatoraide/spit mixture.

11. Pour the rubbing alcohol slowly onto the spoon so it does not splash and the liquid forms a layer on top of the mixture.

12. Wait 1-2 minutes. Very small hard to see wisps of white will form in the alcohol layer. This is the DNA. The combination of soap, electrolytes and alcohol cause the cell wall to break down creating puffy white double helix strands.

13. Take the toothpick and collect these wisps. It helps if you spin the toothpick as you collect them.

14. Push the wisps into the vial.

15. Once you have collected as many wisps as you can, put a few drops of the remaining liquid in the vial.

16. Seal the vial. Some vials may require the use of super glue or aquarium sealant to create a water proof seal.

17. Once the vial is sealed and dried, wash off the vial, glasses, spoons, and other equipment.

18. Take off the gloves.

19. Put the vial onto your ribbon, string, or cord.

20. If you wish to add beads, spacers, or clasps, do so now.

21. Put on your necklace. Enjoy looking at the little white helix clumps of DNA in your new necklace!


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    • mabmiles profile image


      7 years ago

      Fascinating hub!

    • Geek_luv profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Muncie

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      the fix 

      7 years ago

      I hit the awesome button but if there were 'weird' 'interesting' and 'super cool' buttons I would've hit those too!!

    • profile image

      jewelllery channel 

      8 years ago

      thats pretty interesting...


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