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How to Make the Best Lip Balm with Homemade Chapstick Ingredients

Updated on July 17, 2014
Customize your own natural lip balm
Customize your own natural lip balm | Source

Making your own lip balm is actually a lot easier than you could ever imagine. It only takes a few steps to follow and can be a fun hobby for people who want to know exactly what they’re putting on their lips. Some products that you buy in a pharmacy can be unnatural and include chemicals that could irritate the skin.

The best lip balm is made of natural products that can soothe your lips and make you feel confident when applying a safe substance to yourself. Before we focus on the various ingredients that you can include your homemade chapstick, let’s outline the mixing process first.

Basic mixing procedure for the best lip balm

  1. Find a cereal-sized bowl
  2. Get a container of Vaseline
  3. Put a big spoonful of Vaseline in the bowl
  4. Place the bowl with the Vaseline into a microwave. Heat it on high for about 20 seconds.
  5. Remove the bowl and add your own chapstick ingredients. Mix well. The mixture should still be a bit goopy at this stage. We’ll get into what specific ingredients you can add at the end of the article.
  6. Place the mixture into the microwave again. Heat it on high for another 20 seconds.
  7. Remove the bowl and do a final mixing. The consistency should be a bit more runny during this stage because of the second heating.
  8. Put your liquid chapstick mixture into small cylinder containers – which resemble a familiar lipstick case shape.
  9. Stick the containers into the fridge and let them cool off for about an hour.
  10. Take out the containers and try out your very own homemade chapstick on your lips!

Suggested homemade chapstick ingredients

Now that you know how to make a basic lip balm recipe, let’s outline a few different oils and natural additions you can include in your homemade chapstick. Look back at number 5 in the mixing procedure. This is the stage where you can add a number of different ingredients to customize your lip balm to your own personal preference.

Here are some great natural ingredients to add to the mixture at this point in the chapstick creation process:

Vitamin E

Pick up some Vitamin E capsules from your local pharmacy. You can use a needle to drain the vitamin fluid from a couple small capsules to mix with the Vaseline. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and can fade scars while healing skin tissue. Be careful not to use too much since it can irritate your lips if you overdo it. Start with a single capsule mix first to test it out.


Honey has natural healing properties that can help soothe burnt or chapped lips. By adding this into the mix it can also help sweeten the taste of the balm. Take a spoonful from the honey jar add make your own honey lip balm mix!


You can alter the color of your chapstick by adding a small amount of lipstick into the mix. Take a pea-sized amount of your favorite lipstick shade and swirl it in with the Vaseline to change the lip balm’s color.


Aloe Vera has been used in skin products since the beginning of time. This is especially useful if you have sunburnt lips. It’s a natural moisturizer as well.


Help protect your lips from harmful UV rays by adding some sunscreen. A spoonful should be the right amount, but it may take a bit of experimenting to get the best balance.

Cocoa Butter

The properties in cocoa butter moisturize and protect lips. It can soften your homemade chapstick for a smoother application.

Other suggested ingredients to try: Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Thistle Oil, Cocoa Butter and dark chocolate!

  • TIP: You can use organic beeswax instead of Vaseline for your base if you prefer.

Chapstick Recipe Trail and Error

Getting the right consistency for your homemade chapstick takes a bit of tinkering and experimentation at first. However, once you get the mixture ratios the way you like, then the process becomes much easier. The results aren’t the same for everyone. Usually the best lip balms with homemade chapstick ingredients are the ones that match your own personal preferences and tastes.

Video: How to make lip balm

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      wiserworld 4 years ago

      Thanks! You can find lots of containers on eBay if you do a "lip balm containers" search. This seller has quite a lot:

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      erinshelby 4 years ago from United States

      This looks interesting - where are the containers from?