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How to Make your Ponytail Look Cute

Updated on March 14, 2015

Ponytails: Not your Ordinary Hair Tale

How to Make your Ponytail Look Cute

You wake up in the morning; look into the mirror, get a comb and finally you say you’ve got your hair fixed.

Is that how you look at yourself everyday, loose and routinely? Well, if that is how you view it, you are having a serious problem on recognizing that you have your hair up there attached into your scalp. Your hair would not only give you face but also it carries out a majority of your beauty. Now try to take a look at yourself having an elegant aura with only a ponytail up in the crowd.


Evolve Your Ponytail!

Yes, ponytails nowadays does not only mean bring and tie all your hair strands together. It is somehow synonymous to a seven letter-word called FASHION. Here you will learn on how to have your hair beautiful by just securing the appropriate ponytail arrangement for your hair. May they be fit or may they be loose, what is important is that they match you and how you would want to be looked at. Below are some basic ponytail tips that would make you the cutest girl in your classroom, in the park, or wherever you may be!

Don’t wet it. According to a topnotch hair stylist, if you are to wear a ponytail, you need to consider not getting your hair get wet even before you do the ponytail. This would mean a day’s old hair would best suit someone for a ponytail. There is no better aid in holding the ponytail better than your hair’s natural oils.

Gel and Conditioner. Fly away hair is such a major concern for every hair stylist, even to those who are just managing their hairs. You don’t want to look at yourself wearing two hair styles – ponytail and fly away – right? Then for you to polish that fly-away-free look of the hair you need to damp over your hair a portion of a soft gel followed by conditioner to get that glossy look. Just make sure you are to apply appropriate portion, even a pea-sized portion will do for the soft gel, just to make each end meet.

Brushing it Properly. It is preferred that you use a flat paddle brush. First you need to think of where you would put the ponytail. Using your palm, grab and place the hair where you want the ponytail to be positioned. Make rotations upon sweeping the hair up to reduce unwanted tangles and also to keep it flat.

For Long or Curly Hair. If you have every long or curly hair, then you must smooth out the front portion of your hair. You can do this by flipping your head upside-down and to secure the elastic to be used, you need to come back right side up.

Securing through Locking. Slightly twist the grabbed pony clockwise to secure interlocking of shorter layers of your hair. To have a tighter ponytail, you need to twist the elastic two or three times just by changing or alternating your hands quickly. It is recommended that you must not exert too much effort in tightening your ponytail for it may result to breakage or hairfall.

Chignon. If you are to turn your ponytail into chignon, then just simply tie the root and ends of your hair with the elastic. Lift the tail’s end up, coiling it in the heads base. You need to hold the forming bun as you continue to coil the tail, until you could tuck the end under the chignon. Secure the chignon using bobby pins or hair sticks. Pin the opposite side of the chignon through a bobby pin.


These tips in making ponytail would not only make your hair look cute, but also would give that hip and sophisticated look! Now that you have the tips in making them look cute, why not try to experiment in making your ponytail?

For straight hairs, you could even curl the portion to which your ponytail would start or even have some celebrity-look with some nape-level ponytails. For shorter hairs, they could use a variety of colors in hair elastics in tightening their ponytail to have a hair statement. Others could also have a dual ponytail style or they could use bangs or even volume up the top to have a funky look.

Having a cute ponytail is not only styling it, but also wearing it. Who knows, those ponytails could gallop you through many wonders of your beauty that you are yet to discover. Ponytail is not just an ordinary get-along “tail”, but is a statement of your hair that makes up a tale of your beauty.


Quick & Easy Hairstyles : Making a Cute Side Ponytail for Quick & Easy Hairstyles


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    • shai77 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks mysister for the tip :-)

    • mysisters profile image


      7 years ago

      Great Hub. Other great ponytail looks are the ponytail wrap and a topsy tail look. Both look great and take just seconds to do!


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