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How to Not Feel Painful While Wearing High Heels

Updated on June 19, 2013
Lose the pain in wearing high heels
Lose the pain in wearing high heels | Source

A lot of women out there think they look more beautiful and sexier when they put on high heels. One of the reasons is that they seem to have a taller body posture which, they though, will be more appealing to men. Well, while this is true, men don’t pay attention to high heels all the time. In fact, women shouldn’t forget that they also have other things besides high heels that may prove to be appealing to men. High heels also have their negative effects, after all.

Things to Do

One of the most annoying negative effects most women feel due to wearing high heels is that they cause considerable pain. Thank God, there are things women can do in order to minimize or even entirely eliminate this painful feeling. So, if you’re one of those women who think high heels matter, here are some tips to not feel painful while wearing high heels:

1. Keep in mind that not all heights are ideal.

When you plan to buy a pair of high heeled shoes, you need to consider the height. Yes, the higher the shoes, the more attractive a woman may look. Unfortunately, that is in fact a common misconception that most women have in mind. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to find your ideal height ranges first.

2. Check the high heels quality.

As you would other things, you need to check high heels quality as well prior to buying them. In this case, it is recommended that you choose high heels which come with materials capable of absorbing pain, especially around the ball of your feet.

3. Make use of socks.

In order to prevent your feet from feeling pain while wearing high heels, socks can be quite useful. By applying some thin socks beneath, you can minimize the painful effect resulted by your feet rubbing against the materials your high heels have beneath them.

4. Choose inner soles wisely.

When you’re considering which high heels you’re going to buy, remember that soles matter. The softer the soles are, the less pain your high heels will give you.

5. High heels = Less activities

While you’re wearing high heels, you’re very limited as to what activities you can engage yourself in. It is not recommended at all that you perform a lot of walking, let alone other activities that require a lot of your energy.

6. Wear high heels on special occasions only.

Despite the price you have to pay for your high heels and the fact that you may look sexier in high heels, you really should wear them on special occasions only. For example, you may put on high heels when you attend birthday parties where you don’t have to wander around so much. Or, you may as well wear high heels at night clubs – if night club is your thing, of course – but that will depend on the situation as well, such as, whether you’ll be dancing quite a lot or not.

7. Be cautious at all times.

While you’re wearing a pair of high heels, you should never forget to be cautious at all times. Otherwise, falling will be your closest enemy. Not only will you potentially feel embarrassed by it, you may as well dislocate your feet and that won’t be a good thing to happen at all.

8. Take care of your high heels.

High heeled shoes that receive proper care and treatment from the owner aren’t likely to wear out soon. In this case, there’s a good chance that the materials will still retain its comfort. In other words, you may not feel painful while wearing properly cared high heels.


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