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How to: Makeup for Heart Face Shape: Contouring

Updated on June 19, 2013


Famous artists such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Beyoncé Knowles and many more are known to have a beautiful heart face shape. To figure this out primarily, the forehead and cheeks are about the same length and then taper down to a pointy, oval or rounded chin. This face shape has strong features such as eyes, chin and prominent cheekbones.

While this face shape is certainly beautiful it also appears to be rounded and can make it look like a wide heart instead of a slim face. The objective here is to create a more soft oval-ish face for this pretty face shape.

Here’s what you do:

1. Apply moisturizer! This is a critical step. Do it! You want your face to have a glowy, dewy look so you’ll want to contribute this step in your before-makeup regime. Just let the moisturizer sit for a minute and then apply a second coat. PLEASE, make sure it has some sort of SPF in it; you don’t want to go out in the sun and come out darker or burned. Let it sit for about a minute before moving on further.

2. Apply a face primer. I know not many of yall’ do this because of the application of a moisturizing cream and that should be enough, but you still want to have a smooth complexion so this will really liven up the look. Remember, less is more. Don’t dab a blob of the primer, instead get a little and work with that. Do the T-zone!

3. Apply foundation. Get a foundation as close to your actual skin tone. Or get a foundation one shade lighter and apply only to the areas that need it such as the nose, sides of the nose, redness or areas, blemishes, and a little on the hairline to highlight your face shape.

4. Apply concealer. Get a concealer one or two shade lighter than your foundation and apply on the under eye area, and on brow bone to highlight your brows and create a more lightened effect. Make sure that you blend, blend, blend the under eye area to make it look more natural.

5. Add color to your cheeks. Grab a blush brush and swirl it on your pink blush, for a soft rosy look a light pink shade works, for a more noticeable strong look get a medium to dark shade. Apply the shade of choice on the apples of your cheeks. Don’t know where they’re located at? SMILE. J The fleshy bumpy part is called your apple. Blend in a swirling motion.

6. Contour your cheekbones. Get a medium bronzing shade and a brush with a flat bristly surface and apply on the hollows of your cheeks. Suck in your lips and place your index finger in the empty space that is called the hollow. Now blend, blend, and blend both colors so that they look more natural.

So there you go a complete instruction guide to a beautiful canvas for a heart shaped face.


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