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How to Pick the Right Foundation Makeup for Your Skin

Updated on February 19, 2013

Every woman needs foundation makeup that works with their skin type, coloring and age range. Thankfully I've always had plenty of products to choose from when working with clients and I know that there's a suitable foundation for everyone.

Depending on whether your skin is mature or young, oily, dry or combination, light, dark or medium in tone - you can choose from a range of liquid, powder or mineral based foundations. Foundation is very much like under eye concealer- you do need to pick the one that matches closely to your own skin tone.

Featured below are the five best foundations - I've gone for the best for oily, dry, combination skin types, as well as the best foundation for mature skin. Enjoy the review - hopefully you'll find the right one for you - or at least have a better idea of which is the most suitable.

Best foundation for oily or acne-prone skin: bareMinerals MATTE SPF 15 Foundation with Click, Lock, Go Sifter

This is the best mineral foundation makeup - and it's also great for oily or acne prone skin. It's an incredibly light foundation that does, when correctly applied, remain in place all day long. As ever - the need to prepare your face beforehand goes without saying. Never apply any base makeup without having cleansed, toned and moisturized your face.

Bareminerals is a highly popular brand - for one their mineral based products are amazingly good and for two - they work. My particular favorite is this one, which is available in a range of 20 different shades. Works well for day wear or for nights out - and it contains an SPF of 15. Flawless results every time.

Best Liquid Foundation Makeup - Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ECLATRadiant Touch 2

My own personal favorite and the one I use as part of my makeup routine. It's the best liquid foundation makeup and covers a multitude of sins - without caking the skin, blocking pores or leaving your skin feeling greasy and/or unhealthy.

It's fantastic around the eyes, adds a lovely radiant look and works equally well on veins, blemishes and more. I always finish mine off with a loose dusting of powder and have never yet been disappointed by it. Make sure you choose the correct shade for your skin color - there's a range of 7 different tones under the brand name. Awesome foundation - highly recommended.

Best Foundation Makeup for Anti-Aging - Max Factor Pan-Cake Water-Activated Makeup

This is a lovely pressed powder foundation makeup that works once you active it with water. You simply dampen a makeup sponge, press it into the foundation and start applying it to your face. Don't let the thought of using a pan-cake type foundation put you off - it is incredibly easy to use and leaves a flawless finish when applied correctly.

Pan-cake is an old favorite with many and lots of women with mature skin prefer to use it. Make sure that you use a good quality sponge applicator - nothing too large or too porous and don't over-wet it. Too much water will create a paste - the opposite of what you're looking for. Apply it, blend thoroughly and you'll be left with a gorgeous even tone - and a great base for the rest of your makeup.

Best Foundation Makeup for Mature Skin - Loreal Age Perfect Foundation, Variety of Colors

This is the best foundation makeup for mature skin. It's available in a range of four colors and comes with a decent enough makeup brush. First - choose a color a little lighter than your normal skin tone and second - don't use the brush to apply it.

The brush is actually better suited to sweeping base eyeshadow across the upper lid and/or brow. Instead use either your (clean) fingers or a slightly damp applicator sponge. It's got an SPF of 12, which is reasonable and is lovely, light band hydrating so won't dry out your skin. Quite the favorite with older and younger women - and currently being sold at a very silly low price.

Best Foundation Makeup for Combination Skin - L'Oreal Ideal Balance QuickStick Balancing Foundation

This is the best foundation for combination skin - it's a stick foundation that gives a lovely even coverage and is available in a range of shades that will suit most skin tones. You don't need a powder to seal this one - once it's dried it sets with a matte finish that's completely natural looking.

Once your face is cleaned and ready for the foundation, apply in even strokes around your face and blend quickly but evenly with your fingers or makeup sponge. Allow to dry before you start to apply blusher or any other makeup. As it sets like a powder it almost feels like one when it hits your skin - a good foundation, better than a lot of the more popular selling products and well worth the price tag.


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