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How to Pluck Eyebrows

Updated on March 6, 2013
Perfectly shaped eyebrows
Perfectly shaped eyebrows


Eyebrows can make a big difference in your appearance. The look of clean properly shaped eyebrows can make you look well groomed, Younger, more awake and stylish. Plucking your eyebrows sounds like a pain but there are simple ways to make it less painful, fast and easy. Plucking your own eyebrows will save you some cash. Professional eyebrow waxing can cost up to twenty dollars. Maintaining your eyebrows at home is a lot more budget friendly. These simple guidelines and tips will help you pluck and shape your brows like a pro.

Tweezermans tweezers
Tweezermans tweezers

What you will need

There are some tools you will need before you get started they are listed below.

  • A mirror to see what you are doing.
  • Good lighting so you see what you are doing.
  • Tweezers for the plucking.
  • Something long and straight like a pencil ( I use my eyeliner)
  • Eyebrow brush or clean toothbrush (optional you can use your fingers)

Washing face
Washing face
Eyebrow chart
Eyebrow chart

What to do

Before you get started

You want to make sure that you do this in the morning not at night. This will prevent acne around your eyebrows. The very best time is right after you get out of the shower or after you wash your face. This cleans the area around the eyebrows and softens the skin making it easier to pluck and a little less painful. Be sure to brush your brows before getting started.

Getting started

Lets get started!

  • First for the center take the pencil and hold it right up to the side of your nose.
  • This is where your eyebrows should start.
  • Pluck away any hair that goes past that point.
  • Holding your skin tight can make the plucking easier and less painful.
  • Repeat these same steps on the other brow.
  • Now you are ready to clean up the under arch area.
  • Hold the pencil diagonal from your nose to the center of your eye.
  • This is where your arch should be.
  • Pluck away any hairs that don't follow this shape.
  • Do this to the other side.
  • Next hold the pencil straight up and down next to your outer eye.
  • This is where your eyebrow should end.
  • Pluck the hairs that go past this point.
  • Do this to both sides.
  • The very last area is the top.
  • You should easily be able to see the hairs that need to be removed. Pluck the last of the remaining out of place hairs on both sides and now you are finished!

Ice cubes
Ice cubes

After plucking

Right after you are finished plucking your eyebrows it is a good idea to wash around your eyebrows again. If your eyebrow area stings, is really sensitive or looks like it might start bleeding use ice to to sooth and prevent bleeding. This will bring down swelling. Do not put makeup on anywhere near the plucked area. This will clog the open pores where the hair used to be and cause ingrown hairs and acne. I usually wait a day a two before wearing any makeup in this area.

Eyebrow plucking
Eyebrow plucking

Extra tips

Just some more little random tips.

  • Investing in nice tweezers will make plucking much easier and less painful
  • You can always get your eyebrows done by a professional the first time and do the upkeep yourself. A lot of people start this way.
  • Pluck on the weekends or when you don't wear a lot of makeup.
  • Swelling can take an hour or two to go down some times to plan to pluck accordingly so you don't have to go anywhere with swollen eyebrows.
  • Pluck only a hair or two at a time this prevents mistakes.
  • Go slowly speed will come after skill.
  • Use natural lighting if possible.
  • Using eyebrow stencils can be helpful.
  • Learn what eyebrow shape suits you best.
  • Pull skin tight when plucking this way you don't pull on your skin repeatedly and this makes it hurt a lot less.

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