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How to Prevent Lipstick from Staining your Teeth

Updated on April 30, 2013

Many of us have already been there; that embarrassing situation when you have lipstick on your teeth. The worst part is someone will yell it for the world to know that you have lipstick stain on your teeth. Save yourself that embarrassing situation by performing one or all of the tricks listed below.

Use Lipliner

Line your lips with a lip liner before applying your favorite lipstick. If you are using nude shades or light pinks, you will want to use a nude lip liner. But if you are using reds and other deep hues, use a lip liner of the same color to make the color more vibrant. The lip liner will act as an adhesive so the lipstick will stay in place and prevent it from bleeding to your teeth.


This is an old trick that only a few people know about but is actually highly effective. It may taste really nasty but it can definitely do the trick. Apply some Vaseline or petroleum jelly to your teeth and will protect your teeth from lipstick stains.

Use a Lip Brush

When you are applying lipstick, apply it with a lip brush instead of directly swiping the lipstick to your lips. This will make sure that you get just the right amount of product to your lips to prevent over application. If you are unsatisfied with the intensity of the color, it is easier to build the product up on your lips using a lip brush without going overboard instead of applying it directly to your lips.


Using a tissue, blot your lips after applying your favorite lipstick. This will take off the excess product on your lips and will retain just the right amount while still keeping the color vibrant. This trick will help prevent the excess product from bleeding to your lips.

Use your Fingers

This is another trick that has been done by many women to prevent the lipstick from staining their teeth:

  • create an 'O' shape on your lips
  • using your index finger, insert it in between your lips while still retaining that 'O' shape but make sure your fingers fit in it perfectly - no spaces in between
  • push your fingers in and out of your mouth a few times
  • remove your finger

This trick will help remove product you applied inside your lips that could bleed and stain your teeth. Over application of lipstick on the inside part of your lips can easily stain your lips so you need to remove it.

Check in the Mirror

And before you leave home, smile and check in the mirror first if you have any stain on your teeth. There is no better way to prevent you teeth from acquiring lipstick stains than to check and see for yourself in the mirror. Or better, keep a pocket mirror with you at all times and every once in a while excuse yourself to check if there are already stains or if your teeth is still clean.

Having lipstick stains on your teeth is definitely embarrassing. Save yourself the embarrassment and smile like there is no tomorrow with your perfectly clean teeth and nicely colored lips using these tips.


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