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How to Reduce Dark Circles under the Eyes

Updated on April 13, 2014

Whether due to a lack of sleep or because of bad genes, having dark circles under the eyes is bonafide blemish to your otherwise beautiful face. Learning how to reduce dark circles under the eyes will bring you back from looking tired to looking chic, and it can actually completely alter the perception another person has of you. Read on to learn some useful little tips and tricks that make those dark eye circles disappear without breaking the bank.

What Causes Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

The dark circles under the eyes are actually dilated blood vessels in the eye region. Since the skin in this general area is quite thin, the blood vessels are much more easily seen through the skin, giving the appearance of dark circles rather than the actual amount of blood that is rushing through the area.

When you are tired, you tend to frequently rub the area under your eyes. This stimulates the dilation of the blood vessels and therefore leads to the formation of the dark circles. A similar effect may be seen with medication that has the side effect of dilating blood vessels.

In the case of tiredness, the overall paling of the skin contributes to the visibility of the blood vessels under the thin skin under the eyes. Aging also contributes to the appearance of dark circles. This is due to the gradual disintegration and thinning of the skin, which of course leads to the heightened visibility of the underlying blood vessels.

Massaging Dark Circles Away

In the case of tiredness or other non age related dark circles under the eyes, massaging them away is actually a very useful method—as long as it is done at night before going to sleep. Essential oils made from almonds or eye creams that include almond butter and honey are perfect for dealing with dark circles before they remain in place overnight.

It is a good idea to wash the face with lukewarm water, to make the skin more pliable and likely to take up the nourishing substances in the under eye cream. Then gently massage the substance into the sensitive skin under the eyes. Do not get it into the eyes, or you may end up with red ringed eyes in addition to dark circles underneath them. It is important to massage, not rub, when applying this cream.

Soak Dark Circles Away

If you do not have the time to let the eye cream work overnight, then moist, lukewarm teabags are a great idea. They should be moist, but not so wet as to let water run into your eyes. Lean bag and place a moist teabag under each eye. Keep them on for about 10 to 15 minutes. It does not really matter what kind of teabags you are using. It is the fact that the area is moistened with a cooling agent that causes the blood vessels to gently and slowly constrict that makes all the difference.

Emergency Constriction of the Blood Vessels under the Eyes

If your dark circles are really bad and you have to be somewhere important in the next 20 minutes, there is the possibility of applying a thin layer of Preparation H under the eyes. This is the medication suggested for those with hemorrhoids but you may be surprised to learn that it has since found its way into a large number of makeup kits belonging to actors, models, and others in the know.

Be extremely careful not to get the Preparation H into the eyes. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary emergency fix and does nothing to actually smooth or relax the dark circles away. Instead, it only serves to temporarily constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and therefore lessens the appearance of the dark circles. It does not actually deal with the problem that put them there in the first place.

Reduce the Incidents of Dark Circles under the Eyes

Staying hydrated is the number one way of keeping the thin elastic and healthy and therefore from thinning out. Moreover, having a nightly regimen of applying collagen rich eye cream underneath the eyes is another means of prevention the thinning of the skin that eventually leads to the visible dark circles. Get sufficient amounts of sleep and limit the eyes’ exposure to irritants, such as smoke, that lead to rubbing the eye area frequently. These steps alone can greatly cut down on the number of eye treatments to reduce dark circles under the eyes you undergo.

Be Careful Not To Apply Makeup without Moisturizer

One of the most common misconceptions is the notion that by applying foundation and concealing creams under the eyes, you have a chance of making the circles appear less prominent. Keep in mind that these circles have appeared—in part—because the skin under the eyes has thinned a bit and needs building up. Since most kinds of makeup lack the moisturizer needed to make up for this lack of collagen, they will actually make the area under the eyes look more prominent.

Counteract this common makeup faux pas by applying collagen rich moisturizer first. This kind of moisturizer is usually found in high quality eye creams that may be used overnight. Gently apply the moisturizer, let it soak into the skin and then follow it up with a light layer of bright foundation. The natural thinness of the skin will make your regular foundation look darker than it would appear on your cheeks or forehead. Skilled fashion mavens have a special foundation that is a few shades lighter than what they are using on their faces, just for this eventuality!

Visit a Dermatologist

If you are diligent about your under eye care and regularly apply eye cream to your eyes, you should not have too many mornings where you notice dark circles under the eyes. When hydration and even the teabags under the eyes fail to provide you with lasting results, there may be a reason for the skin’s thinning and also for the dilation of the blood vessels under the eyes. Visit your dermatologist to rule out any physical problems that might contribute to the appearance of dark circles and that might need professional attention rather than just a beauty treatment.


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      KING LOONG 3 years ago

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      Nancy 3 years ago

      Am 22 yrs i got thiz mark under my eye when i waz in class 8 when i waz using mediven,.wat can i do in order to remove this mark,please find me the best product,am a black African girl.,