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Top Tips to Remove Eyebags Naturally

Updated on September 23, 2014

How to Remove Eyebags Naturally

Don't you just hate those dark circles under your eyes and those bags that are just a hindrance to your overall beauty?

These hideous bags under the eyes can be correlated with aging. As a person increases with age, the ligaments that are responsible for holding the fat under the eye loosens and the skin is less elastic. Fluids accumulate on that particular area. The fluids and the fats start to droop causing the puffiness under the eyes.

Lifestyle can also affect the presence of eye bags. Sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep can cause dark circles under your eye. Lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, and too much stress can add to the eye bags.

If you have somewhere to be at and you have to rid yourself of the eye bags, there is a quick remedy to this. You can use a slice of cucumber and place it on your eye for 15 minutes to reduce the swelling. It will not remove the eye bag but it will help decrease the puffiness.

Cold tea bags can also be used. Chamomile can be used. Black teabags can also be used if available. Boil some water and place the teabags there. After a few minutes, remove excess water from the teabags and place them on your eye for about 15 minutes.

Top Tips to Remove Eyebags

Removing your eye bags does not need to be expensive. Here are some ways tha tyou can follow.

Use Potato

Slice a cold potato and place it over your eyes to remove the puffiness. Do this for 15-mins minutes and you will notice a reduce in puffiness under your eyes.

Vitamin E

Add a few drops of Vitamin E to cold water and mix them well. Dip cotton pads to the mixture and place on your eyes for 20 minutes.

Cold Milk

Using cotton pads, dip them in cold milk and place them on your eyelids for half an hour.


This is a very common method of getting rid of eye puffiness. Place 2 slices of chilled cucumber on your eyes for 25 minutes.

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