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How to Save Money on a Diamond Engagement Ring by using Blue Nile

Updated on July 28, 2011

Buy your Diamond from a wholesale dealer

When shopping for diamonds, you must compare prices among various retailers. I would strongly recommend looking in a store just to see the rings and decide what size diamond you want, the settings you like, and color & clarity of the diamond you will be happy with. Then get the price from the retail store for that specific diamond (write down the carat size, cut, clarity, and color of the diamond you like).

Once you have decided what type of diamond you will be purchasing, then shop around! I highly recommend using an online wholesaler, like Blue Nile, to order your diamond ring from. You will save hundreds or possibly thousands by using an online store like Blue Nile instead of a traditional diamond store. Blue Nile allows you to build your own engagement ring by choosing the setting and the specific diamond you want. You can choose the carat, color, cut, clarity, and color.

Get $375 Cash Back

Mr Rebates will give you a 3% Cash Back rebate on your online order from Blue Nile (up to a $12,500 purchase). That can give you up to $375 dollars in cash back rebates from your purchase from Blue Nile!

Get up to $375 in CASH BACK REBATES from Blue Nile

In addition to getting a better quality diamond for a lower price when you order from a reputable online company like Blue Nile, you can also take advantage of using a cash back website, like Mr Rebates Cash Back.

Mr Rebates will give you a 3% Cash Back rebate on your online order from Blue Nile (up to a $12,500 purchase). That can give you up to $375 dollars in cash back rebates from your purchase from Blue Nile!

Mr Rebates also lists coupon codes and exclusive online deals for its members. Membership is completely FREE.


About Blue Nile Diamonds

Blue Nile was founded in 1999 and has grown to the largest online retailer of certified diamonds.  All diamonds sold thru Blue Nile have been certified by either the GIA or the AGSL. Every purchase receives free Fed Ex delivery, free 30-day returns, free packaging and gift card, a grading report for all certified diamonds, and professional appraisals for all diamonds, gems, and pearls valued at $1000 or more.


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