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How to Shop for Affordable Bridal Tiaras

Updated on May 16, 2013
A wedding tiara is a must-have accessory for many brides.
A wedding tiara is a must-have accessory for many brides. | Source

Embrace tradition or embrace haute couture?

Marriage is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity. When our parents or grandparents or even great-great-great grandparents got married, their wedding celebrated more on the unity of marriage and everything it stands for. For a woman, her wedding day is something she has dreamed about ever since she was a child. Similarly, wedding dresses were considered something of a treasure.

Many would wear their mother’s or grandmother’s gown treating it as if it were a family heirloom. An ‘old fashion wedding dress’ would be something to be proud of. Vintage bridal wear would be simple, elegant and timeless. It would stand to signify the purity and beauty of marriage where the bride enters to the awe of all her loved ones. Everyone would exclaim how beautiful she looks. Times have changed and so have wedding dresses. Designer gowns have broken several barriers and have launched a new range of avant garde wedding gowns which are both seductive and rebellious. But then we must ask ourselves, what use is this rebelliousness? Are we declaring that we won’t conform to the norms of tradition, or that we won’t abide by the norms of marriage?

Designer clothes have brand image and wouldn’t it feel fabulous if we could brag about our dress designed by so and so to our friends. In today’s consumerist society, brand image is a symbol of wealth and superiority. But how far does that brand image symbolise marriage? Isn’t it true that by drowning in consumerism we are slowly losing what is important to us?

For those who believe in not conforming to society, perhaps they should not conform to those who don’t conform to society. Let’s not let trends dictate our values. On a day as beautiful and magical as your wedding day, why not choose a gown which truly symbolizes the beauty of the day.

Latest trends in Bridal wear

This year’s bridal fashion week has set new trends for soon to be brides. Daring collections and seductive gowns have paved new dimensions in wedding gowns and certain ideas are bound to catch. Here are some of the latest trends in bridal fashion wear inspired by famous designers garnering limelight on bridal fashion week:

Pastel coloured gowns: Traditional ivory or white gowns are still a staple in the wedding gowns market. However, light coloured gowns are already on the limelight. The replacing of traditional white into pastel colours such as blush, peach or blue, still retain the purity and beauty of wedding gowns adding only a touch of non-conformity.

Illusion necklines: This particular style helps lend a dream-like quality to the dresses giving that extra touch of glamour into that special gown. This is when lacework is embroidered onto a transparent veil, net or sheer and sewn onto the bodice or sleeves. The sheer is lightly visible and the lacework stands out from the rest of the ensemble.

Romanticized gowns: These gowns are inspired by another era where blush coloured gowns are covered in beaded embroidery all over the fabric with rounded cap sleeves and trailing hemlines. This particular trend is ideal for those who want a timeless gown that would look stunning in any decade.

Dramatic necklines: Plunging necklines, halter straps with collars or floral bateau designs, necklines are rapidly replacing the tradition strapless gowns into accentuated detail. Shoulder detailing is also here to stay with more and more emphasis being placed on dramatic bodices and graceful falls.

Portrait backs: Last year’s trend on seductive back lines are still going strong with intricate lacework at the back of the dress, sheer fabrics with appliqués and embroideries still gracing the runway. It complements the trend for romanticized gowns by adding a dreamy quality to the ensemble.

A Word About the Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2014

This spring, the runaway blazed with a varied assortment of wedding trends. Lace is back in business, complementing the new trend of adorning wedding dresses with illusion neck lines and sleeves and adding layers of lace in transparent veils to provide a different dimension to gowns.

Oscar De la Renta emphasized on strapless gowns with sweetheart necklines. With a few exceptions, most of his collection displayed sheath with a dress or two showing bursts of colours.

Vera Wang is once again defying tradition by displaying black and white wedding gowns. All her gowns have long sleeved gloves except that they are indeed – made of leather! She has decisively portrayed masculine trends to something as feminine wedding gowns.

Caroline Herrera’s collection was elegant and feminine focusing on mermaid or A line dresses accentuated with veil, floral lacework and embroidery. A particular gown worthy of remarking upon was the silk tuxedo dress which exuded womanly grace while carrying masculine statements.

Monique Lhuillier’s gowns were elegant with her displaying simple A line strapless dresses or short dresses with lacework or sheath dresses with illusion sleeves and neckline and embroidery. However, some of her dresses seemed bare in their simplicity. A few of her dresses had separate coverings which stood out from the rest in their extravagance.

Reem Acra’s collection was bold and seductive with illusion bodice, sparkling sequins and umbrella veils. Her gowns were gorgeous albeit a bit unsettling because of the random hints of bare skin on her gowns.

Houghton NYC’s gowns spoke more of attitude than of fabric. The gowns were simple, with floor length sleeveless dresses or black waistbands against a backdrop of rebellious scenery.

Theia displayed elegant mermaid or sheath wedding dresses with lacework and short dresses with coverings. Some of their floor length gowns were particularly lovely to look at.

Temperly Bridal showed breathtakingly beautiful floor length gowns with gorgeous necklines. Some of their dresses however hinted to an almost puritanical influence.

Marchesa’s brand featured ruffles and knee length dresses but were noticeably simple in their design, particularly the strapless A length wedding gown.


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