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How to Smooth Puffy Hair

Updated on December 25, 2012

If you're hair has a tendency to look and feel like a theme park, making you wish you could have a little more control over the ups, downs, dips and curls, you might find a modicum of solace within the confines of this article. I say this because -- well -- haystack hair has haunted me throughout my life. While it may have been a quasi-hip look when I was twelve, it became increasingly problematic, especially when enduring the remorseless scrutiny of a potential employer.

In this article I hope to outline a number of no-nonsense tips on how to tame and flatten out that wild and unruly hair, without the aid of a selfless yet costly professional. Without further ado, I bring you some home remedies for smoothing puffy hair.


All-Natural Conditioners

Mixing honey and water and applying it to your scalp doubles as a fantastic natural hair conditioner. Beer, a little shockingly, is also an excellent source of conditioner, containing the necessary moisture and protein!

Puffy Hair Dos And Don'ts

Instead of looking solely at commercial remedies, it might pay (quite literally) to try your hand with some tips and tactics that stem from the comfort of your own home.

  • Do Trim routinely - Alright, it isn't much of a solution (why cure when you can prevent?). However, trimming the ends of your hair now and then prevents split ends from tearing their way down the hair to the roots.
  • Do Drop the shampoo - While shampoo can help keep hair crisp and healthy, the downside is that over-using shampoo can dehydrate the hair by baking away natural oils.
  • Do Apply Cider Vinegar - After having washed your hair normally, try rinsing it of with a fifty-fifty mix of water and apple cider vinegar. The mildly acidic mix will close off the hair's cuticles causing the hair to flatten out!
  • Do crack an egg - Half an hour before rinsing your hair try gently applying a mixture of water water and egg yolk to the scalp. Frizzy hair is caused, at it's roots, by lack of either moisture or protein, and sometimes both. This homemade "pack" is a surefire way to target both issues at once.
  • Do reach for the good old mayo - Once you've shampooed and dried your hair, apply two-spoonfuls of mayonnaise onto your head (rub it into the scalp gently) and let it sit for a half-hour or so. Once it's had to time to work it's magic shampoo and towel-dry.


While you're busy giving these traditional tips a whirl, remember to avoid the following like the plague!

  • Don't rinse conditioner off immediately - Most people forget that the longer you keep conditioner in your hair, the softer and flatter it may end up being. A good routine to get into is applying conditioner in your hair at the beginning of the shower and then cleaning and scrubbing while it does it's job.
  • Don't rub your hair too hard while drying -In fact, you're better off making a towel turban, squeezing the water out and letting it sit for awhile.
  • Don't dry you hair at high temperature - Try and lower the temperature on the drier so that your hair can retain its moisture, also lowering the chance of irritating the scalp.


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    • vox vocis profile image


      6 years ago

      I've heard about the mayo trick, but haven't tried it yet. I'm guessing that cider vinegar is good for oily scalp. Great tips, voted up!


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