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How to Stay Stylish and Warm in Winters?

Updated on January 15, 2015



Winter is here, and all the time our priority is to look better. But sometimes, it’s too hard to bundle up in style and look “great”. Excessive amount of winter accessories like – Caps, Stoles, scarves, muffler, overwhelming of jackets and coats can leave you look like a haphazard snow woman, if you don’t care about the style.

Here we have come up with some practical advices and suggestions to look your best when the temperature drops.

Here are some tips how you can look stylish and chic at the chilly winters:

Amp up your outfit with Scarves – scarf is the perfect accessory to enhance your outfit and keep you warm.

Stylish sweaters: Printed or simple sweaters are the best investment on winters as they are super warm. You can also choose your style from v neck to high neck.

Faux fur vests: faux fur vest is stylish and warm and you can wear over thin top. Warm without the bulk you will love it. It is also perfect for laying over a sweater, add over a knee boot to flaunt gorgeous appeal.

Leather dresses – leather dresses whether its skirt or jacket, always are in trends. They are perfect for styling purpose and keep you warm.

Perfect pea coat – This winter, invest in a thigh length peacoat, it will keep warm without a draft. It gives you dramatic fashion forward look. You can accessorize your look with scarves or stoles for the night party.

Cardigans- Thin and Lightweight Cardigans looks great when you pair it with leggings or jeans. To dress up for the office, you can add a scarf with stylish knotting.

Turtle neck top or sweater - if you want to repurpose your summer wardrobe, wear your dresses over the fitted turtleneck sweater, it will keep you warm and give you whimsical look. It's also a flawless way to extend your summer wardrobe.

Knee length boot – knee length boot is a fantastic way to keep your feet warm. To look classy and bold you can wear a thin pair of knee length stockings with it.

Nude camisole - to look stylish and add a layer to your wardrobe, wear this nude camisole under your outfit.

Above are a few tricks to staying warm and complete fashion conscious. If scarves is not your style, you can add faux fur to jackets or jeans, will keep you warm around the neck and shoulder.




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