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How to Straighten Your Curly and Damaged Hair with Essential Oils?

Updated on June 19, 2011

Are you fed up of your curly hair, as they are not in fashion anymore? Do you want to change the look and appearance of your hair according to the latest trend of straight hair? Are you tired of trying numerous methods to straighten your hair? If yes, then this article is for you because through this article, I will show you five tips on how to straighten your curly hair to beautiful straightened hair. Below are the five steps for straightening your hair at home:

1. On the first day, step into shower and rinse your curly hair with cold water. Now towel dry your hair. Then, when your hairs are dry enough, take some essential oil for hair. You can try almond hair oil, rosemary essential oil for hair, lavender essential oil for hair, bergamot essential oil for hair, or the best ylang ylang essential oil for hair. Now apply any of these oils on your hair so that the oil reaches the scalp and gets saturated within the roots of your hair and the ends of your hair. Leave this oil on your hair for at least one day or even more for damaged and extra dry hair because these natural herbal oils will provide nourishment to your hair and scalp, as they are rich in natural vitamins and minerals.

2. The second day, wash out your hair with some moisturizing shampoo and apply some conditioner and leave it for 30 minutes on your hair. Now rinse out your hair under cold water.

3. On the same day, pin up the topmost section of your hairs and use a round hairbrush to blow dry your hair.

4. Now, separate your hair into different sections and use hair straightener on your hair. Grip a single section of hair. Now clamp a flat iron on the topmost portion of each section. Now slowly move flat iron down your hairs. Repeat this procedure for at least 3 times.

5. Now, brush your hair with a soft hairbrush or comb and apply a little amount of some branded hair fixing gel or a hair styling spray. You can try wheatgrass fixing gel which is nonsticky or L’Oreal Studio Line fixing gel or Iron Grip - Strong Hold hair gel that is easily available online at Amazon and is also available in the market at a local cosmetics store.

6. Now you will see that your curly hairs are converted into beautifully straight hair in just five easy steps.

In today’s world of fashion and beauty, taking care of your skin and hair is very important, especially if you are working in a public relations type of environment such as hotel industry, tours and travels, entertainment, etc. You need to change your hairstyles and include some hair extensions if you want to look more appealing but always remember to not use hair styling gels or hair straighteners on a frequent basis, as there are some known side effects of hair gels due to excessive use for example decreased strength of hair, hair loss, mild headache, depigmentation, or premature graying of hair.

If you have some more ideas or techniques for hair straightening, especially any natural way to straighten curly hair, please leave your valuable comments below.

How to straighten your curly hair?
How to straighten your curly hair?

How to straighten your hair the easy way?


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      Marine 6 years ago

      Amazing article !