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How to Successfully Recover After VI Peel?

Updated on October 19, 2012

Solutions to fine lines, sun damage, melasma, acne and acne scars.

And so you opted for a VI peel treatment to help in rejuvenating that matured or stressed out skin; but what is best thing to do afterwards? Having it performed alone will not be sufficient to guarantee its being successful. There should be proper after care that you must abide by to ensure that the process that the peel generates on your face will be entirely effective. Therefore in this particular post I will part to you some strategies on how you ought to look after your recently managed face.

Initially, among the most important custom that you have to follow the time you have your VI peel done is to avoid touching the treated area. This is to permit the treatment to perform its magic on your skin and to work more thoroughly.

You can also leave the solution on until the subsequent morning if you can endure it but provided that you are appropriately instructed. The first four hours following treatment will be one of the most sensitive so you need to restrict your hands out of your face. But just in case you encounter some itching, make sure that you clean your hands meticulously before it makes contact to your face.

Avoid make-up for the first 4-6 hours following treatment. This is to prevent chemical counteractions.

When cleansing the attended area, you must use a mild facial cleanser with water. Perform this diligently and ever so cautiously. It is fitting that you carry this out using your fingertips and not a clean cloth. After washing, pat your skin dry making use of post VI peel towelettes.

If an ointment is recommended by your physician to be applied after the treatment, do so utilizing a clean technique. If the material to be used was not suggested by the doctor, you can use sun block lotion that has outstanding SPF coverage (50 and above) to safeguard your skin, especially from the harmful glare of the sun. Having pointed that out, it is advised to shun away from any direct sun exposure because of the fact that this is the moment when your face is most fragile.

In case you observe some swelling or any indications of inflammation, you can apply hydrocortisone cream that is 1-2 .5 %.

If you see the beginning process of peeling, it is essential that you don't remove it before it is actually ready to peel off on its own. Although, with VI peel this may not be too obvious but don't ever brush it away, because it will just exfoliate by itself as you clean your face. Forcibly removing the flaking skin layer will primarily lead to scarring which can lead to dark spots. Pat on the VI moisturizer immediately after washing up and drying your face.

Do not get too provoked the second you observe that your epidermis begins to peel off by moistening it exceedingly so as to accelerate the process. This will only irritate the skin.

Always consult with your skin care specialist on precisely when is it safe to go back to your regular skin care practice. In some cases he might suggest you a product that will be much safer and suitable for your skin. Therefore always review this beforehand.

Try not to make your skin vulnerable by exposing it too early with a different or even your regular skin care regimen immediately after the first week after therapy. Appraise and delay till the level of sensitivity subsides before you proceed with a new skin care regimen or maybe resume your regular routine allowed by the doctor.

If you want to maintain the benefits of a VI peel, you must have it carried out on a constant basis also relying on the doctor's recommendations. Generally this will be around 3-4 times a year.


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    • profile image

      Angi 3 years ago

      I did this peel a week ago I followed all the procedures started peeling my fourth day now all my skin is peeled off I still have the little freckles and two little acting scars everything seems the same these peel does not work..also it made my acne scars darker waste of time and money..

    • profile image

      Dione 3 years ago

      I got a VI Peel yesterday and will cleanse and use 1st towelette today. I will be using my next towelette the next evening. I will take pictures every day while I go through the process.