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How to Take Care of Your High Heels So That You Can Still Put Them On After Years of Wear and Tear

Updated on November 15, 2012
High heels make you stylish, fashionable, sexy, hot - you name it!
High heels make you stylish, fashionable, sexy, hot - you name it!

High heels have always been a particular attraction to most, if not all, women in this world. High heels can often add to the self-confidence of women. Not only do high heels make them look more stylish or fashionable, they also make women look more appealing, possibly thanks to the heightened posture. Also, the good thing is that most high heels will fit most kinds of clothing women may put on, such as sexy shorts, fitting jeans, dresses, skirts and a lot more – you name it! High heels are often made of a wide range of materials, one of which is leather. A pair of leather high heels often cost pretty expensive for most women. Unfortunately, there are not few women whose high heels – whether they are made of leather or not – are damaged only within a short period after purchase. The mistake that these women often do in common is that they don’t really bother researching how to take care of their high heels properly. As a result, they’ll have to spend some more money on another pair from the store. Of course, if you’re a woman, particularly a fashionable one, you won’t want to find that a pair of your most favorite high heels aren’t wearable anymore when you need them the most. Therefore, a few tips below in taking a good care of your high heels may prove pretty handy without you realizing it.

Realize it or not, heel stoppers are a perfect solution
Realize it or not, heel stoppers are a perfect solution
Transparent heel stoppers
Transparent heel stoppers

Take Advantage of Heel Stoppers

Heel stoppers are usually available in various types and brands. Therefore, in choosing the heel stoppers, make sure you choose the ones that will fit and slide easily onto your high heels. In order to keep you looking stylish even with the heel stoppers put on, you may as well choose the ones that come with the color matching your shoes. Alternatively, you can choose the transparent ones.

To attach the heel stoppers properly, you’ll need the help of a table or other stable surfaces facing you. You can then position yourself and the shoes with the stoppers in between. Afterwards, what you’ll have to do is to slide one of the heel stoppers onto the heel of your left shoe. When you’re done with the left shoe, it’s now time to do the same thing with the right shoe. Then what you’ll have to do next is to press down both of the heels against the table. This is meant to make sure that you tightly attach the heel stoppers.

However, you may also want to try to walk or run a bit with the heel stoppers attached to your shoes. This way, you’ll find out if the high heels become uncomfortable due to the attachment of the heel stoppers. In this case, you may want to remove the stoppers or, if you insist, you may as well practice walking and running a bit with the stoppers attached onto your shoes.

Make Your High Heels Waterproof

Most high heels are not waterproof right out of the factory. Instead, you’ll have to make them waterproof yourself. Fortunately, this is quite easy. Polishing your high heels with some quality water repellants will help protect your favorite shoes from water. Better yet, most water repellants tend to protect the shoes from dirt, grime and household spills as well.

As a matter of fact, you can also use the water repellants with your other shoes besides the high heels. Most shoes are not really resistant to water after all.

High heels do look nice and appealing indeed, but only when they're clean and not broken...
High heels do look nice and appealing indeed, but only when they're clean and not broken...

Cleaning Is Crucial

If you really want your favorite high heels to last for years after purchase, then it is crucial to clean them regularly. Keep in mind that high heels are pretty fragile, even the ones made of leather. Realize that they’re different from those snow boots, work boots or industrial boots and the likes that are made of stronger materials.

A soft cloth that has been dipped in water often proves useful in cleaning high heels. By cleaning the high heels, especially the leather ones, properly, you’re allowing the leather to breathe which is very important. Therefore, every single time you have worn them and are planning to store them, make sure that you wipe your high heels down thoroughly. Keep them away if and only if you’re really sure that they’re sparkling already.

Nevertheless, there’s one thing you’ll have to keep in mind. Wiping or rubbing your high heels too hard may break them as some high heels turn out to be delicate.

Avoid These Substances

You should know that there are certain substances which can harm your high heels. Some of these substances are mag-chloride and salt. However, there are other chemical substances out there that are harmful to your shoes, too. With that being said, you should keep away from these substances. Nonetheless, if somehow any of the aforementioned substances get in contact with your high heels, try to quickly wipe them off with caution. Yet, if you’re not in the position in which wiping them off is possible, be sure to do so right away once you’re home.

Remove Stains Properly

Oil spots or other similar stains may also ruin the look of your shoes. Hence, you should clean them as well. Fortunately, you can do this quite easily by means of some white chalk powder. Scrape the powder over the stain and then set the heels down and give them a moment so that the powder will be absorbed by the shoes. After about 5 to 10 minutes, you can wipe off the excessive chalk powder which is no longer useful.

However, in case the stains on your shoes are a lot harder to wipe off compared to oil, using a piece of fine sandpaper may be necessary. However, while you’re wiping off the stain with sandpaper, make sure you don’t wipe your shoes too hard. Otherwise, you’ll be shocked by the fading or completely disappearing color of your high heels.

Don’t Be Lazy to Wash Your High Heels

That’s right, you shouldn’t feel lazy to wash your high heels frequently. After all, you’re the one who chose to buy such a pair of shoes. In this case, you’ll need a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush often seems to do the trick), a leather shampoo, a conditioner and cold water. You need to wash your high heels with great caution and, when you’ve finished washing them, you’ll need to use the cold water to rinse the boots in. Afterwards, put your shoes in your washing machine but only in the spin cycle. This is intended to remove the excess of the water and a few minutes are often more than enough.

Probably contrary to the popular belief, you won’t have to use either a hairdryer or an oven to dry your high heels. Also, if you have a pair of high heels with a plus size, you may be shocked finding that the shoes seem to have shrunk a little. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t panic as this happens and it’s normal. In fact, you’ll realize that the shoes stretch out again when you wear them the next time.

Eliminate Odor

After a while, your high heels may well develop an odor, especially if you’re a woman that tends to put on high heels without socks covering the feet. Fortunately, this kind of odor is pretty easy to eliminate thanks to some household products that can be seen commonly enough. The mixture produced by dissolving corn flour and baking soda in several drops of scented essential oil is pretty helpful in this case. Putting this into your high heels and leaving the shoes and mixture together overnight, you’ll be surprised by what you may probably find the next morning. Your favorite high heels are fresh once again, without any odors, and are ready to keep you company all day long.

Ouch...that broken heel's gotta be embarrassing...especially if you're in front of men
Ouch...that broken heel's gotta be embarrassing...especially if you're in front of men

What If My Heels Get Broken While I’m Wearing Them?

Well, that’s a good question. In such a case, you’ll realize – probably too late but you will anyway – that it is important to always prepare with you at least 1 tube of strong glue in your pocket or purse. This tube of glue may well be your lifesaver!

If you think the heel of your shoes is about to come loose, shifting up onto your toes seems to be the best thing you can do as this helps put the weight way off the heel of your shoes. This may prevent you from falling. Nevertheless, if your heel completely detaches indeed, try to find and collect all the pieces. Then find a place comfortable for you to examine how bad your high heels have been damaged.

If you find out that the heel of your shoes was seemingly nailed to the sole before, take out the glue you’ve prepared earlier and coat the protruding nails. Then, slide the nails in such a way that they get back into the holes where they came from. Lastly, hold steady the heel and wait for the glue to dry.

Yet, if you find out that the detached heel was formerly glued onto the sole, you need to wipe clean the glue, which must have dried, and replace it with the new glue you’ve brought along. Finally, hold the heel in its place so that it will bond to the glue firmly.

Yet, if your case is that the heel of your shoes snaps in 2, you’ll have to coat 1 of the pieces at the breaking point using the glue you have with you. Then, you’ll also need to try attaching back the other section. In this case, you’ll have to try to stay off your feet until there is another pair of shoes available for you to put on.

Oh I've gotta save some money and buy another pair of high heels thanks to this broken heel...but I love this one... :'(
Oh I've gotta save some money and buy another pair of high heels thanks to this broken heel...but I love this one... :'(

The Heel of My Shoes Get Broken At Home, What Do I Do?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re at home, which makes things a lot easier than if you’re on the go. If your heels get broken at home, you can try some shoe adhesive products that are widely available today. However, prior to trying to repair your shoes with the glue, you’ll have to make sure that the area in need of fixing is dry, clean and also free of any polishes, old glue and oils. You can then sand the heel and sole gently. This way, the surfaces will roughen up. Afterwards, you can use the adhesive on both the sole and heel. Then wait for around 5 to 10 minutes prior to pressing them together. This will give enough time for the solvents to evaporate.

When you try to press the heel and sole together, you may as well make use of some strings, rubber bands or heavy objects. It is recommended that you press the heel and sole together for a minimum of 24 hours. However, the longer the time you give, the stronger the bond between the heel and sole will be.

I Don’t Want to Get Into All the Difficulties in Repairing the Heels, What About It?

Well, the answer is in fact pretty simple. If you don’t feel like trying to repair the broken heel of your shoes yourself, there are lots of professionals out there willing to do it for you. Well, of course, if you pay them the worthy price they ask for.

In most cases, the professionals can easily reattach your broken heel, as long as it is still in one piece. However, if your heel has broken into pieces, chances are you’ll have to buy a new heel unit and both of your shoes will have to be reworked otherwise the colors and heights of the heels may not match each other.

Yet, if you’ve just bought a new pair of high heels and any of the heels falls off, beware that the pair of shoes you’ve bought may be a defective one. In this case, go back to the store where you made your purchase and ask them for a replacement which, in this case, they’re supposed to give for free.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Dear Naomi's Banner, thank you very much for your comment. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas yet at the moment. However, I can assure you that I'll soon come up with a solution for you as soon as I have found the proper one. Once again, thank you and stay tuned. :)

    • Naomi's Banner profile image

      Naomi's Banner 

      7 years ago from United States

      Very good ideas. I have never broken off a heel of shoe but have friends who have. The problem I usually have is stepping too close to the cement steps gouging my leather on the back of the heel or the side of the heel. This is impossible to repair from where I see it but if you have any ideas I am willing to listen.


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