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How to Tell Fake Ralph Lauren Polos

Updated on October 14, 2014

Authentic Ralph Lauren Polos

The Ralph Lauren polo shirt: a classic symbol of summer and the "It" shirt for the preppy set. You don't have to summer on Martha's Vineyard or the Hamptons to bite this prep icon that screams class, taste and power. Ralph Lauren polos are affordable and come in every hue imaginable, allowing you to show off your good taste in style. A fake RL polo not only feels rough against your skin but puts your style meter in question. Don't get caught in a fake. Shop smart, then walk proud later.

How Much Should RL Polos Cost?

Check the price tag - if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. In general, classic RL polos cost $75 to $85, with website steals cutting down the price on some shirts. Just cause you're shopping straight from the brand doesn't mean there will never be deals. Designer polos from RL can cost upwards of $150, but the standard pricing for a classic polo remains the $75 mark.

If you see RL polos advertised online for under $50, like this interlock Ralph Lauren polo, it is probably a fake.

 Frank Campbell
Frank Campbell

The Look and Feel of Real Polo Shirts

Feel the fabric of any polo you're considering buying in a discount store. If you already own a true RL polo, take it along for comparison. If the fabric, especially around the collar, feels stiff or scratchy, you've got a fake polo. The cotton fabric on a real shirt will feel soft and will make you want to put it to your skin.

Turn the shirt inside out and look at the polo pony decal. On an authentic polo, you should be able to make out the form of horse and rider clearly, with clean threads and clean detail, even on the underside of the shirt! That shows quality in the stitching. If the underside of the shirt looks messy, with lots of threads hanging, it's a fake.

Ways to Spot a Fake RL Polo

Look for vent holes near the bottom sides of the shirt. Originally intended to help men stick their hands in their pockets without crinkling the fabric, true Ralph Lauren polos still have side slits, even for female shirts.

Inspect the shoulder seams. Fake polo shirts often have stitching right across the shoulder, while a real polo has a thin line of stitching at the back of the shoulder seam, with all the major construction inside the shirt. The stitching will match the polo color and will be even. Sloppy stitching is a sure sign that something is wrong.

Find the nearest Ralph Lauren retail shops and outlet stores, then shop only there. The best way to avoid getting fleeced when shopping is to go to the most trusted place you can, then shop with confidence.

Use This Video To Spot a Fake Ralph Lauren Polo


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