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The Best Tips To Thickening Hair Instantly

Updated on April 15, 2016

Thin Hair? You Can Still Make It Look Thick!

If you are constantly trying everything you can to make your look thicker, and still haven't succeeded, let me give you a few tips for hair thickening and how to do it right now. You may be going out for a night on the town, or to a party, or have a big date coming up...etc. etc.

Women always want to have a perfect head of hair, and for some of us, it is a struggle. Now just so you know, nothing beats the long term hair care for thick hair, such as taking your vitamins and eating right and so on. And if you really want to have the thick hair, then there are things that you can do to really make it happen, it just takes some time and effort. You can read about those tips here. I SWEAR by Minoxidil, probably better known as Rogaine. Yes, your hair REALLY grows back. At least mine did.

But for right now, I have some tips for thickening hair right away.

Thicken It...Just A Little Bit

First of all, when I say that I have tried just about everything, it is no exaggeration. I've spent serious money over the years on products to thicken, volumize, and hold my hair.

I have to admit, I still use many different products because it seems like if I use the same thing day after day, eventually that "perfect" product that I found just doesn't work anymore. So I alternate between products.

I would like to save someone- ANYONE for that matter, from spending money on products that don't work. So I write about products that I personally use and vouch for. And I definitely don't always recommend the priciest item. The most expensive items usually don't work on my baby fine hair. They just don't.

My first recommendation is Sebastian Thickefy Foam. This product is not sticky like so many that I have tried. It's lightweight, which is a MUST for thinner hair. A heavy product weighs your hair down and makes the situation even worse!

I use this ALMOST everyday. I take a break from it at least once a week just so my hair doesn't get too used to it. If I am dressing up or going out with friends, then this product is a must for that night. I wouldn't go out without it.

I use a curling wand here lately. I used to scrunch my hair everyday, and I have pretty much grown out of that phase. I have found that when I use my wand (which gives me softer curls) along with this product, my hair holds the body all night long. It doesn't make your hair crunchy or heavy. Just natural.

When you have thin hair, and you find something that actually holds it in place but still lets you work with it if you're not done messing with it yet, well you kind of consider yourself to have hit the jackpot.

Another reason this is so great is because when I curl my hair with the wand, I like to let my hair cool for a good 10 minutes after I curl it before combing or picking through it. When I have this product already in my hair, and then I curl and let cool - then do the pick through for softer curls.... My hair feels thicker and the body holds. It's completely awesome.

CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze

Thicker AND Shinier? Yes Indeed

I can NOT say enough about this one. I do have many favorites, and maybe things don't work the same for everyone. But this one works SO well for me that I am willing to bet it works on EVERYONE. I can't imagine that this doesn't do wonders for thick hair too.

CHI Volume Booster Liquid Bodifying Glaze- I can't even tell you what provoked me to buy this because when I see the word glaze, I think "heavy." And if there is one thing that I DON'T do when it comes to my hair, it is definitely heavy products. But for some reason I decided to try this. BEST MOVE EVER!

If it wasn't for this product, I would NEVER wear my hair completely straight. I love some curls because of the body it adds. I'm one of those people that thinks big hair is beautiful. But sometimes, I get the urge to just have straight hair for the day. And I can tell you now, if not for this it would NEVER happen.

This is why it's different. It actually feels like you put extra hair into your head, without weight. What!?? I have no idea how this works or why this works, it JUST works. I have never seen anything like it.

I spray a little onto my hair while it's wet, (just a couple squirts) and then when my hair is dry I spray it on the top of my head and on the crown. I can wear my hair straight and it actually looks like I have twice the amount of hair than I really do. It's actually a little weird in the fact that every kind of product that I've used that adds shine has always weighed my hair down. This adds the shine and just makes it look like I have more hair!

The Curling Wand

Let's talk about the curling wand. As I've talked about previously, I have to add body to my hair. In my opinion, no one can go wrong with this. Even if your hairstyle is typically straight, adding the wave to your hair only makes it look thicker.

I pin my top hair up and start with the bottom half of my head. With each curl that I make with the wand, after I release the hair off of the wand I then hold the hair for about 10 seconds while it is still warm. Then gently release the hair so that the curl is still tight. Don't touch it!

Work your way up and curl all of your hair. Spray lightly with hairspray and take a 10 minute break. Do whatever you want for those 10 minutes, but DON'T touch your hair. You are just letting it set.

After 10 minutes is up, take your favorite pick and start combing through the curls. You will be left with beautiful waves! After this, of course it's up to you how you style your hair. I like to use bobby pins to pin my bangs back. Then I work on the crown of my head because this is where I feel like having more volume is pretty. I usually tease the hair at the crown and either spray or use bobby pins to create a poof there.

Even when I put my hair up, I go through this process. I don't like flat pony tails and I don't like hair completely flat against my head. I like volume.

However you like to do YOUR hair is how you do it. But if you are wanting to make it look like you've got more hair than you really do, the curling wand will give you that.


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