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How to Apply Hair Tinsel

Updated on November 25, 2016

This year's hottest hairstyle trend is hair tinsel! The sparkly mylar strands are showing up in the tresses of lovely ladies everywhere--most notably Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt. This glamorous look is so easy you can do it yourself! Here's how:

1.) First, buy some hair tinsel! There are a lot of online hair tinsel retailers--I recommend Hollywood Hair Bling because they have the best selection and great prices. They are also only carry premium silk hair tinsel while many other suppliers sell an inferior mylar or polyester blend.

2.) Select a strand of hair tinsel and fold it in half forming a small loop.

3.) Decide where you want to place the hair tinsel. Placing it near the part ensures that it will be visible. Select 2-3 hairs at your desired location (more if you have thin hair).

4.)Wrap the loop around your chosen hairs and pull the ends of the hair tinsel through the loop. This forms a slip knot around the selected hairs. Slide the knot down to the scalp.

5.) Keeping the knot against the scalp, tie the hair tinsel and selected strands of hair together with a square knot (i.e. L over R, then R over left). Make sure the knot is next to the scalp!

6.) If the knot still slides, tie another square knot.

7.) Smooth the hair tinsel with a flat iron or curling iron if it is wrinkled.

8.) That's it!! Enjoy heading turning hair that is sure to get tons of compliments.

Important tips

-Be careful when brushing to avoid pulling directly on the knot.

-Wash and style your hair as you normally would. Quality hair tinsel can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees and needs no special products to keep it shining.

-You can print directions for applying hair tinsel and also find tips for styling hair tinsel from Glitter Clips.

Easy hair tinsel directions

Glitter Clips hair flower


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