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How to Tie Hand Painted Silk Scarves for a Great Office Look

Updated on August 24, 2015

Every day you put on the office “uniform.” Day after day, you wear similar business suits. It gets boring. Change it. Widen your range, smarten, liven and brighten your look by adding one of several magnificent hand-painted silk scarves. Accessorizing correctly with these luxurious materials of unique patterns gives a sense of grace, elegance and even color to your most humble outfit. It is that easy to expand and rejuvenate a tedious fashion.

 If you want to achieve this new office look, you have to know how to drape and tie silk scarves to the best advantage. Play with the fabric first then try tying it in the way best suited to your own style. Consider different looks.

Finding And Securing Your Look

There are many different ways to put a scarf into play. The following are suggestions you can consider.

  • Take a square piece of silk. Fold it across the diagonal into 2. Roll or fold it to create a tube. Tie it with a straightforward knot. Place the knotted ends at the side of the neck or at the back of the neck.

  • Use a half knot. Take the long scarf and place it around your neck. Leave the ends hanging loose at the front with one end shorter than the other is. Take the long end and cross it over the shorter one. Put your hand approximately half-way down the longer section. Slide it up to where the 2 pieces of material intersect. This should create a loop. Pull the loop and the short piece of fabric’s end in opposite directions. Stop when the scarf feels comfortable.

  • A simple and effective way to achieve an attractive look while highlighting the intricate design of the scarf is also simple. Take a long silk hand-painted scarf and fold it lengthways. Position the doubled fabric from back to front. In this position, the folded end and the free ends fall down the front beneath the chin. Take the free ends and proceed to feed them through the loop made at the fold. Pull to sufficient tightness.

  • To pull off a chic look, position the centre of the silk scarf at the base of your neck. Make sure the 2 ends are at the front. Proceed to entwine one piece of material over the other to fashion a rope-like braid. When this is done from top to bottom, continue twining. The braid will start to double up on itself as it creeps closer to the neck. The result is a rosette effect. Conceal any excess behind the rosette.

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      Nancy 7 years ago

      Nice article, and what beautiful scarves!