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How to Treat Infected Ingrown Toe Nails

Updated on August 1, 2015

Ingrown Nail Symptoms and Treatment

A lot of people neglect foot care and this includes taking care of your toe nail which can lead to ingrown toe nails. Actually, most people neglect their feet altogether. It's very easy to do this especially in our rushed society we tend to put our needs on the back burner.

Taking care of your toe nails is extremely important, if you've ever had an ingrown toe nail in the past you know exactly why ! What happens is, as your toe nails grow and get longer they start to curve downward. This is even worse if you wear shoes or slippers. They will then go into your toes which can lead to painful infection and even surgery if not taken care of. The biggest concern you should have with ingrown toe nails is if it gets infected.

Especially on the toe or foot area, bacteria is able to enter the body through any sort of cut. Being on the foot you can get tons of infections from pool showers, your own tub, even just walking around with no shoes or socks can allow dirt into the cut.

Beginning of an Ingrown Toe Nail

How to Cut an Ingrown Toe Nail

Usually if you get an ingrown toe nail you notice when it first starts to puncture the skin. This is the best time to become aware of it and treat it ! What you want to do is wait until after you have taken a shower or bath because your nails are soft.

Just cut slowly and gently raise the area that's in the skin itself. After you're done cutting your nails you want to peroxide any areas where the nail cut into the skin.

Infected Ingrown Toe Nail

Ingrown Toe Nail Prevention

It's not hard to prevent an ingrown toe nail. You need to just keep them trimmed and not neglect your toe nails. It's very important to do this because besides it just being uncomfortable, it can lead to other serious issues.

Like cuts in your toes allow bacteria to get into your foot and then into your blood stream. Also, if ingrown toe nails are neglected for to long, you could have to have outpatient surgery to remove the nails from your toes.

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

There are situations that you need to just go to a doctor for your ingrown toe nails. Some of those situations are if it appears to be red around the nail and toe itself, you have an infection and may need antibiotics.

The other time you need to see a Doctor and not mess with your toes is if the nail is deep in your skin.


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