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How to Trim Men's Curly Hair

Updated on February 20, 2013
Kevin Jonas with his beautiful curly hair.
Kevin Jonas with his beautiful curly hair.

Curly hair is one of the most difficult hair types to cut, especially if you are trimming men's hair. When it comes to cutting hair there is a cutting technique that needs to be followed in order to make sure that the locks do not stick out into every direction which will give the hair an odd shape. Here are some tips on how to trim men's curly hair.

Cut Along the Bend of the Curl

Expert hairstylists know that in order to create the style you want with curly locks you have to cut along the bend of the curl. Cutting the curl this way allows each curl to fall in the direction you like. Cutting curls before or after the bend will cause the locks to stick out.

Cut the Hair at an Angle

This is one effective technique used to prevent the curl from wrapping around itself. Cutting the hair at an angle also reduces the overall length that you take away from the hair and helps you retain the shape that the client wants.

Create a Uniform Wave Pattern

You can create a uniform wave pattern by cutting the curls along the bend and by styling each section so that they look uniform. Most guys have different wave patterns in their curls. Some curls may be smaller and tighter near the crown, and loosen up a bit near the ends. This difference in wave patterns will require the stylist to create one wave pattern by cutting the straighter curls to lay uniformly with the curlier hair next to it. A bad haircut is very obvious especially in a wave pattern like this one, since you will see different sizes of curls going out into various directions.

Trimming Short Curly Hair

Short hair is easier to style since you do not have to think much about possible styling options. Short hair can be divided into four, the sides, the front and the back. You can start trimming from the sides by combing 1-inch sections of the hair and holding each section with the fingers. Cut just below the fingers. Go to the back and do the same thing. You can blend the top, sides and back by moving along the edges with the shears, ensuring that all sides are uniform, with the top a little bit longer. You can also add a bit of texture to the hair using a razor. However, a razor is best for loose curls and may not give the desired effect with very tight curls so use it sparingly.

You can also use clippers if you are trimming very short, curly hair. Scissors could limit what you can do with the curls and may not give you the shape you are looking for.

Cut Hair Very Short using Hair Clipper

Curly hair is perhaps one of the most difficult textures of hair to trim, especially if you are given a set of tight, closely-packed curls that your client want's to keep long. Keep these trimming tips in mind before you set out cutting curly hair. Even the most professional hairdressers find curly hair in men quite challenging, so make sure to have a back-up plan in case the cut and styling technique does not give the desired result.


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    • profile image

      Lifelike 5 years ago

      I think curly hair is the easiest to cut. If you make a mistake the curls cover it up. With straight hair, if you make a mistake there is no hiding it.