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How to Turn Curly Hair Into Wavy Hair

Updated on May 4, 2013

No matter what type of hair you have, you have always wanted something different. People with straight hair want curly hair. And people with curly hair want straight or at least wavy hair. With a few simple steps, however, those who have unruly curls can actually have wavy hair. Here are a few steps to help you achieve that goal.

First, grow your hair out as long as you can stand it. When your hair is longer, it will be heavier and your curls will start to flatten and relax. You will want to make sure you wash your hair on a regular basis in order to keep it hydrated. Use a good suave conditioner so that you can grow it longer without too many split ends. On the days you are unable to clean it properly, a good suave dry shampoo is a great substitute for a real shower.

Second, look into a few hair straightening products to add to your regimen. Some of the products may work while others may not so you will want to play around with the products a little at a time. If you have longer hair, you will want to put the straightener on your hair for a longer amount of time than if your hair is medium or short in length.

Third, you will also want an antifrizz product to put on your hair each day once it is dry. On the days when you do not shower and wash your hair, you can still put the serum on your hair and scrunch it in. This will help to relax the curls and create less frizz and more wave. If you take a bag with you to work or in your car, you might want to take some of the serum with you so you can reapply it as needed throughout the day.

Fourth, while you are going through the straightening process, a hair mask is a good idea. Apply the mask once a week in order to ensure that your hair does not dry out. If you use too many products on your curly hair, you might end up with a dry mess since curly hair lacks moisturizing proteins.

Fifth, take some time to straighten your hair with a straightener or comb. You can leave a little wave in your hair so that it is not completely flat, but take some of the curl out to get a different look. If you want a more permanent solution that will take you less time on a daily basis, you might want to go to a salon and have a chemical relaxer applied. Wave perms are also possible solutions. These are permanent solutions for those with curly hair that really want to have wavy hair. However, they are not long term solutions and if you have them done on a regular basis, they could damage your hair's health.

As you attempt to turn your curly hair into wavy hair with various products, make sure you read the labels to ensure you get the right items. If you avoid using heat on your hair so you do not damage it, do not buy products that are heat activated, for example. That means that you have to have heat on your hair in order for them to work. You will also want to make sure that you keep your hair moisturized during the process. Protect it from drying out by using the best conditioners and masks. You should also avoid getting your hair wet unless you are washing it. When your hair is wet, it shrinks and that makes it more curly.


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