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How to Walk Walking in Tall Sexy High Heels Boots Kim Kardashian Wears Walks in Platform High Heels

Updated on May 19, 2013
Kim Kardashian wears tall, sexy high heels.
Kim Kardashian wears tall, sexy high heels.

How to Walk in High Heels Instructions

As with most how to guides, there are prerequisites before you start actually practicing walking in tall high heels. Just as you must learn the rules of the road before driving, so must you learn the basics of walking in tall high heels, before actually wearing them. The prerequisites are discussed below.

Your experience in Walking in High Heels

If you have been wearing high heels for some time now, you may already know that once you get used to wearing high heels, they become "old hat." You get to the point where wearing and walking in high heels will be on the same difficulty level as wearing your favorite sneakers -- which is nil.

On the other hand, if you are relatively new at wearing tall high heels, walking as if you are not balancing yourself on a high wire in your high heels may seem like a daunting task. Don't fret. By the time you finish reading my instructions, and completing practice exercises, you will find out that wearing high heels is not as complicated or difficult as you thought.

Kiim Kardashian wears her gown with tall, sexy high heels.
Kiim Kardashian wears her gown with tall, sexy high heels.

Prerequisites for How to Walk in High Heels

If you are not accustomed to wearing tall high heels, you must start walking in high heels by taking little baby steps. In other words, it is highly probable that you will fall, stumble or lose your balance when trying to walk in six inch heels, if you have not mastered walking in the lower high heels initially. When you walk in tall high heels, you want to walk as natural as you possibly can.

Before we get to the advanced level of how to walk in tall high heels, a prerequisite is for you to practice walking in high heels that are 3" or shorter in heel height. Another option is to wear wedge high heels; however, wearing wedge high heels as a prelude to wearing tall high heels is not recommended. Why? Because wearing wedge high heels are totally different from wearing stillettos or very tall high heels.

Wedge high heels provide your foot a bridge from your heels to your toes, which are not prevelant when wearing stillettos. When wearing stillettos, your heels are on a steep, slanted plane on a single tall narrow heel, instead of a wide wedge.

Walk in High Heels -- Lets get started!

Now that the introduction and prerequisites have been covered, lets get to the main course, which is how to actually walk in tall high heels.

Kim Kardashian tries on tall, sexy high heel boots with high heel pumps waiting in the wings.
Kim Kardashian tries on tall, sexy high heel boots with high heel pumps waiting in the wings.

How to Walk in High heels - Choose high heel type

When you shop for high heels, you may automatically, without much thought check out the high heel height if you are looking for heels on line, or pick up the high heel and examine the heel's shape and length if you are shopping at a brick and mortar store. If the heel is too flat, stocky and wide, you may bypass it on line, or it goes back on the shelf in the store -- unless, of course, you are in the market for these type shoes.

However, if it has a tall, narrow, feminine looking high heel, it's a keeper. You may also purchase high heels that have tall platforms as well.

Since you have graduated from practicing with the shorter high heels, now you are ready for the big leagues, so to speak, leading in with the importance of good posture.

When Walking In High Heels Pay Attention to Your Posture

You must have good posture when walking in tall high heels. You want your posture to be straight and your back in vertical alignment while standing. To practice good posture, and to get in the habit of keeping your back straight, sit tall in a chair. Make sure your back is not curved. Stand up and sit down again through two or three reps using good posture.

When you are ready, slip on your tall high heels. It may help if you wear hosiery with your high heels for a more comfortable fit.

As a side note, you may put on your high heels while standing or sitting down -- your choice.

How to Walk in High Heels -- The Fit

If you are wearing high heel pumps or high heels with a closed back, be sure your heels fit against the back snugly. You do not want to wear high heels where your heel slips out at each step.

Your Gait is Important when Walking in Tall High Heels

Have a steady gait when you walk in tall high heels. Keep your legs straight, in alignment with your back (also straight) when you walk in high heels. In other words, walk proud and tall in your high heels. Simply step one foot in front of the other while maintaining good posture.

If your high heels are astronomically tall, you will have to slightly cross one feet in front of the other as you walk. I call this "balancing walking", because with each cross step, you are advancing further without looking like you are about to stumble. Remember "balancing walking" is only done with extraordinary tall high heels.

Be sure to walk as natural as possible, without stumbling, or looking as if you are not sure how to walk in your high heels. Walk confidently, with your head held high when you walk in your high heels.

That being said, with enough practice you may soon begin to wear very high heels with the same level of expertise you exhibit when you wear shoes with a lower heel.

When you wear high heels, you will instinctly feel elegant and taller, so you are prone to walk with your shoulders thrust back, and your head held high as you proudly step out in your high heels.

Your feet may sometimes have to adjust from wearing shoes with no heels (i.e. bedroom slippers), to suddenly wearing shoes with the higher heel. The adjustment to wearing high heels is very short term. If you feel slight discomfort from wearing shoes with low to no heels, your feet may understandly be shocked when you transition to wearing your very tall high heels. Just take it slow, and your feet will adjust nicely to the feel of wearing tall high heels.

Continue to wear your high heels, allowing time for the initial discomfort to fade away. In a short time, the discomfort will pass.

To give your feet breathing room, feel free to periodically slip your feet in and out of your high heels during the day, especially if you are behind a desk.

Walking in High Heels Problems?

If after following these instructions you still have problems walking in high heels, you may have skipped some steps or just need more practice. You may go back and read the instructions with the underlying message that "Practice Makes Perfect."

Walk Graciously in Your Tall High Heels! You can do it!

Follow the Nike's slogan, and "Just Do It." Just wear your sexy, tall high heels!

Practice walking proud and tall in your high heels, while at the same time utilizing good posture. In no time at all, you will be walking in your tall high heels just as graciously as a summer's breeze!

How to Walk in High Heels


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