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How to Wear Emerald Green Clothing

Updated on June 19, 2013

Emerald Green Fashion Tips

Every new season has its distinctive colors, yet every fashion season differs from all the others with a certain hue that creates a distinctive color mood in the fashion stores for a while. While last summer stood out with the tangerine and mint green mood, Pantone and Academy of Art University decided to bring the emerald green obsession this spring, letting every fashionista dress like a forest fairy.

Bright emerald green has a close association with the concept of luxury, splendor and well-being. It promotes inspiration and a sense of harmony and is, in fact, the most beautiful color of nature, which flatters all skin tones and eye colors. Since trends are here to make us look more fashion-forward and gorgeous, let’s learn a few fashion tips on rocking emerald green clothing.

The first thing everyone should know about a color is its connection with other hues in the color wheel. Emerald green is a versatile shade, which looks amazing with almost every other color. It makes the best color combos with eclectic blue, fuchsia, purple, orange, plum, red, gold, silver, black, beige, white and pastel tones. Options are endless, you just have to switch on your fantasy and act creatively. It’s also a great idea to match monochrome emerald green clothing with subtle floral printed pieces, as both are fashion accents inspired by nature.

Pantone stated in its release that emerald green is suitable for almost any occasion; it’ll flood the major catwalks for a few successive seasons and will appear on the red carpet. One of the amazing characteristic features of this year’s emerald green is that it has also invaded men’s fashion. Voguish men are encouraged to wear emerald green suits, emerald green jeans, as well as shoes and accessories.

Despite its luxurious look, it’s advised not to make emerald green the major color in your wardrobe. Instead, opt for small accessories or just one piece of clothing in this hue. However, for special occasions, you can be sure to look gorgeous wearing a sophisticated emerald green dress, accessorized with golden shoes and jewelry pieces, for instance.

It’s also a good idea to embrace the emerald green trend by opting for emerald green beauty products. Nail polishes, eye shadows and even hair dyes in this opulent shade definitely look chic and unique. Take into consideration the following tips while dealing with emerald green beauty products:

· Choose the right shade of green for your skin color. Women with a lighter skin tone are advised to pick rich shades of emerald green, while those with fair skin can stick to lighter shades of green. If you have dark skin, go for darker and brighter tones of emerald green.

· Texture really matters here. Give preference to makeup products with a shimmering or metallic touch and try to avoid ones with matte and satin finishes.

· Green rarely looks good alone in makeup, so mix it with other hues, such as brown, gold or purple.

· Emerald green on nails is already luxurious. If you love nail art, you can match emerald green with red or gold prints.

· When it comes to emerald green eye shadows, they flatter all eye colors. Still, they look the most impressive on brown eyes.

Last but not least, choosing any color, try to feel self-confident and comfortable in your clothing, rather than pay attention to its trendiness.


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