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How to Wear Over the Knee Socks

Updated on January 15, 2012

Hot trend alert! Over the knee boots were all the rage last fall season, but this season, it's ALL about the over the knee socks or thigh high socks. I highly recommend knee high socks to any woman because of their versatility. They are the perfect pairing for spring, fall and winter! They're a completely easy and accessible way to look extremely chic without having to be fashion-savvy.

Why do I love this trend so much? Socks are so much more durable than stockings, tights and even leggings. How many countless pairs of "hose" have you had to throw out after just a few uses? Socks are made out of thicker material, giving more warmth and durability.

Over the knee socks come in a variety of materials, patterns and colors and there are a ton of ways to wear this fabulous hosiery trend, and I'll be revealing just how to do it!


Over the Knee Socks with Open Heels!

The Over the Knee Socks with open heels trend is my favorite way to wear these socks! It's perfectly chic to mix and match different fabrics and colors between the open toe heels and the socks.

How you can wear it:

* If you're adventurous, try a pair of open Mary Jane heels with colored socks and a bright colored dress.

* Be sure that the socks fit! You don't want to be pulling up your socks all day long!

* Shy away from color? Try some dark colored over the knee socks with dark suede booties. Keep the look casual with a muted skirt.

Over the Knee Socks with Shorts!

I love this trend for fall! What a fabulous way to dress up your plain ole' shorts! If it's fall, keep the colors somewhat neutral. If you're going out though, you can have a little sparkle in the outfit. Try some bold shoes; or go plain on the shoes and try glitter or neon socks.

Try some of my favorite looks:

* Go sporty. Try the sporty over the knee socks with the stripes. It'll go fab with sneakers too, so you don't have to wear sky high heels!

* Go for cuffed shorts. Cuffed shorts make your legs look thinner and longer! What's not to love?

* Don't go too short. Too short shorts with thigh high knee socks is just too much. You want to look hot, not hooker.

Get Your Own Over the Knee Socks!

Colored Tights


Adding Color and Pattern to Over the Knee Socks!

Why are over the knee socks a great place to experiment with colors and bold patterns? They're so fabulous and cheap! At less than 14 bucks a pop, it's a fashion steal! When going bold with your socks, keep the rest of the outfit somewhat toned down.

My favorite styles?

Polka dot stockings, white socks, neon, glitter, maroon and leopard!


Knee Socks with Boots!

This is the easiest way to sport your over the knee socks. It's not difficult to slip on long socks underneath your Hunter boots. I'd recommend wearing these socks with higher boots, as it's easy to end up with a proportional mess, if not careful.

Socks tend to look a bit casual, so it's also a fab idea to add onto feminine details to your outfit.


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    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 7 years ago from California

      Bizn4mer: Thank you, I totally agree. I'll check out your hubs!

    • BIZN4MER profile image

      BIZN4MER 7 years ago

      Nice Hub, I think that knee socks are sexy! I'm following you now, so please follow me. I can't wait to read more of your hubs.