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How to Wear a Corset to Highlight Your Assets

Updated on December 8, 2014
Kim Kardashian Selfie
Kim Kardashian Selfie

While the recent selfies of Kim Kardashian and her obsession with waist training corsets have raised many an eyebrow with concerns regarding the health implications of prolonged wear, as mentioned in an article in the Daily News, the fact remains that corsets can work wonders on one’s figure. In fact, the Gothic underbust corset can make the bust-line more attractive, while cinching in the waist. In fact, The New York Times had called this piece of clothing “shortcut to an hourglass figure” way back in an article published in 2012. Here’s a look at some ways to wear the underbust corset to add a touch of oomph to your figure.

By Body Type

If the cleavage is an elusive asset, the Gothic underbust corset is for you. The top of this garment ends just below the breasts, pushing them up and making them look fuller. On the other hand, if you want to add curves to that seeming lack of angles to your body or to hide the tummy from protruding, again this is one garment that will do both for you. If you are petite, look for a corset that is shorter in width, while if you tall, choose a longer-line one that emphasizes your height. In short, apart from full-chested women, the under-bust variety can be a good choice for any woman. In fact, the popularity of the corset has only grown in recent years, with some women even calling the garment “liberating,” according to a UK-based daily, The Daily Mail.

Wild West Look
Wild West Look

For a Casual Day Look

Gothic underbust corsets add a touch of chic to your daytime casual wear.

  • Lace them over a flouncy blouse, off-shoulder or otherwise, or just a plain cotton top. Puff sleeves go well with this garment.
  • Choose a brown, leather one to get that old “wild west” look and add a flared, full skirt for the bottom.
  • If you prefer pants, choose slim fits or jeans. If you really looking for the complete, gothic look, black leather pants with any dark or black colored corset would do.
  • Wear it with formal slim fit trousers and a blazer for a casual office look.

If you do choose to wear pants, you should make sure that the corset ends with a slight overlap to your trouser waist, unless you are going for that bare midriff look.


For an Evening on the Town

Nothing looks as sexy as the burlesque look. So, if you love all that male attention, choose a full, flowing skirt with a pair of killer stilettos with your favorite Gothic underbust corset. Don’t forget to accessorize with chunky jewelry to complete the look. If you want to turn the look into a more Steampunk one, consider a fitted, long suede skirt in brown with a long coat. Again, the right hairstyle and accessories will help complete the look. Make your corset the focal point of your attire if it is patterned, with a matching skirt. Too many add-ons and attention stealers will completely ruin the look.

For the Bedroom

There is no point denying the effect of the burlesque look for a night of romance. Pair your Gothic underbust corset with blood red lingerie or simple a G-string and watch him begin to drool the moment you step into the bedroom! Remember to lace it up tight to accentuate the bust line and tuck in the waist and see how he can’t get enough of the look.

From Lady Gaga to Helena Bonham Carter, the corset has found fans among celebrities everywhere. It is time for you to dress like a celebrity too.


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