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How to Wear a Saree / Sari - Draping Saree, The Traditional and Elegant Dress of Women in India - Step by Step Guide

Updated on June 23, 2011

The Beautiful Dress - Saree

Though Saree (otherwise called as Sari) is a traditional dress of women in India, it is one of the sexiest dress, which shows a woman gracefully and elegantly, if draped properly. The sad thing is, now even Indian girls are turning allergic to Saree wearing and find it hard. So, I thought of putting in words, how to wear a Saree.

The Traditional way of wearing a Saree

Though there are lots of ways followed in India to drape a Saree, depending upon the culture and customs of the state they belong to, the common way followed by most of the women is called as "Nivi Style" of Saree draping.

Please see the below images, giving you a visual idea about wearing a saree, for your reference and go through the steps explained below it.

Don't miss the video at the end, and my special tips about selecting sarees and matching designer blouse. I am sure you will love that collection of photos of the saree models at the end.

Step 1

To drape Saree, the first outfit to be worn is tight fit blouse and a long petticoat which should be of length from waist to toe.

Step 2

Now, take the Saree and tuck the plain end of it into the petticoat, such that the entire Saree is on your left hand side. Make sure, the Saree touches your toe, but also not in a way that it will disturb you while walking.

Step 3

Make a complete rotate of the Saree around your waist and bring it to your right hand side. Now you have to make pleats which can be either of small size or large size, depending upon your style of wearing. Some people would like to have lots of pleats and so need to make the small size pleats, whereas some like to have less pleats and for them, large pleats are to be made.

Step 4

Take care that you don't miss any pleats, while making the other. After making all pleats (7 would be ideal), hold all of them together, make them straight and uniform and then tuck into the petticoat. The pleats should be turned to your left side.

Step 5

Now again bring the rest of the Saree a complete round from left to right and drape it from your shoulder and shown in the picture. This draped part is called as Pallu of the Saree.

Now, you look gorgeous in your Saree draped nicely.

Hope the above picture also will help you to learn about how to wear a Saree. If you still need a help, the below video may sort it out for you. All the very best.

Check out the below videos explaining with practical demo on wearing / drapping a saree gracefully. Don't forget to go through the special tips at the end.

and one more video

Tips To Look more beautiful in Saree

1. A matching blouse is a must. Most of the designer sarees will have a blouse piece attached with the saree. If you are buying a blouse piece separately, make sure the blouse design matches your saree exactly.

2. Draping saree more elegant is important to look beautiful and sexy. Make sure you followed the above explained steps to drape a saree correctly.

3. Select the sarees of colours that match / suit you. Also depending upon your size and height, select the designs of the sarees. For tall looking ladies, sarees with horizontal shape designs will suit, where as short and fat ladies should avoid those designs, as it will show them more short and plump and fat.

4. Carefully select the saree fabric, depending upon your type of use. If you want to use the saree regularly and don't want to care much, you have to avoid silk sarees and cotton sarees that require more care and work to preserve its quality and work.

5. Party wear sarees will have more stone works. Make sure, the work is worth for the money. The stone work should not go off, while you wear itself.

6. While buying pure silk sarees, it is better to avoid by sarees online. In India, Kancheepuram silk sarees and Chennai silks are the best.

Have a nice shopping and draping.


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    • profile image

      angel 2 years ago

      Thanks to adviese. I like srees. This indian wear is so nice.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 5 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Interesting article and tips Mythink. The simple style in which u teach and those videos are easy to follow. I also liked yr style which mention in the comment above.

    • profile image

      Kimberley 6 years ago

      Hi does anyone know of any saree dressing service in Kent or London?

      Thank you

    • profile image

      sangeeta 7 years ago

      i wear sari with jhalar wala gherdar petticoat. its look very sexy.

    • MythiliK profile image

      MythiliK 7 years ago from India --> Switzerland

      Kiran, I hope someone expert in wearing saree in the way you said, may help you, reading your comment.

      I wear saree in such a way that not even a single bit of my hip is seen outside (with safety pins all around). I don't feel comfort exposing. So, I am sorry, I coulnd't help you.

    • profile image

      kiran 7 years ago

      i m kiran ,

      i m class teacher i always wear saree below navel 4-5 inch below and short size blouse which is very comfortable for me rather i always coverd to my belly my problem is this that when i write the mater on class Bord sometime my hands up then my all belly expose to students then i feel uncomfortable feel bcz my belly is very long size bcz i m 5fit 8inch height and my west 32 size i always tie saree on below my west some student said to me teacher you are very hot then i feel bad but i feel conferable as way saree tell me what can i do plz help me (

    • MythiliK profile image

      MythiliK 7 years ago from India --> Switzerland

      Thanks Iyjo :)

    • profile image

      lyjo 7 years ago

      So beautiful Mythilik, thank-you, I wish our culture was the same and we could wear these all the time, I agree, very sexy....much sexier than the clothes, or should I say lack of clothes that are not worn in our culture, take good care,

    • MythiliK profile image

      MythiliK 7 years ago from India --> Switzerland

      I just love wearing saree, a beautiful dress for women. Every women must give a try at least once in their life time :)