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How to Wear a Silk Scarf – A Guide for Tall Women

Updated on August 25, 2015

The perception of tall women consists of someone who has long legs, is dramatic and has a figure the envy of us all. This is not always the case. Many women are ordinary except for those few extra inches. Rather than trumpet their height, they would rather conceal it.

There are various ways to hide your height. The most obvious way is through your choice of shoes. Kitten heels are an ideal solution. These are practical, contemporary and very attractive. In actuality, your choice of shoes merely prevents you from looking any taller. Tall women often want to create an illusion of being shorter than they actually are.

On simple way to accomplish this is to choose the right accessories. Versatile silk scarves are perfect for many women. They can conceal or emphasize. It depends upon how and where you utilize them. While they are doing this, they can also liven up a look. What follows is a practical list of do and don’ts. Try to keep these in mind while you debate what style is suitable for your look.


DO drape your slinky silk scarf in a manner to conceal your neck. This provides the illusion of a shorter body. Accomplish this by wrapping it not once but several times loosely around your neck. Employ the entire amount of fabric. The width of the scarf must envelop the entire area between your chin and collarbone. When you complete the wrapping, you can either tuck the ends of the silk material from view or allow a couple of inches to dangle freely in front or in back of your shoulders. The alternative is to fold across the diagonal a silken square cloth before rolling it into a tube shape. Finally, tie it to cling close to the neck but leave the knot at one side.

DON’T create vertical lines down your body using your silk fabric scarf. This will only accentuate your height.

DO use your silk scarf to fashion horizontal lines across your body. Besides wrapping the scarf around your neck, you can tie it around your hips or waist. This will severe the length of your body – dividing it into eye-catching components. Another possibility that removes the focus from an overall sweep of the body, results from simply tying a silk scarf just beneath the bust line of a dress. This creates an empire waistline. This is most effective if the body is both tall and pear-shaped.

DON’T knot your silk scarf upon your neck into such a way as to create a V or Y shape. The effect is to draw the eye straight downwards. This ensures the viewer cannot escape viewing your height.

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